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BitcoinBitcoin $28,434
EthereumEthereum $1,820
XRPXRP $0.52
CardanoCardano $0.39
DogecoinDogecoin $0.08

Bitcoin Bitcoin $28,434
Ethereum Ethereum $1,820

US Is Lagging Behind Says BlackRock CEO

According to BlackRock CEO Larry Fink, the United States is trailing behind other nations in its crypto developments. While there are still a number of market issues ...

70% of Top Exchanges Registered Offshore

70% of the top 30 crypto exchanges are registered in offshore locations, namely Seychelles, the Cayman Islands and British Virgin Islands. Offshore registration ...

NatWest Takes Action Against Cybercriminals

NatWest Takes Action Against Cybercriminals

NatWest is taking action to guard against cybercriminals with the introduction of transaction limits. Going forward, customers are limited to transferring ...

Why Is Binance Converting $1B BUSD?

Why Is Binance Converting $1B BUSD?

In response to the recent downfall of crypto-friendly financial institutions, Binance took action by converting an astounding $1 billion from its industry recovery ...

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