3 Avalanche play to earn favourites

3 Avalanche play to earn favourites

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An editor at Coincrop

17 Jan 2022 | 8 min read


he Avalanche blockchain is one of the fastest growing smart contract platforms. Game developers have been attracted by the low gas fees and high transaction fees.

In this guide:

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The Avalanche blockchain

Avalanche is a smart contract platform with an emphasis on low transaction fees and high transaction speeds.  The ultimate goal is to deliver a secure and truly decentralised blockchain that is highly sclable.

The platform is relatively new with the main net going live in 2020. At the time of writing the project has a market capitalisation of $23 billion with a token price of $94.24.

In November 2021, the Avalanche Foundation announced a fund known as Blizzard that will be used to encourage innovation and development in Avalanche ecosystems.  $200 million will be made available with contributions coming from the Avalanche Foundation, Three Arrows Capital, Polychain Capital and other participants.

In this guide we look at a number of gaming projects that are being built on the Avalanche smart contract platform.

Heroes Chained

Heroes Chained is described as a fantasy RPG game in which the player is a guild master who gathers heroes and participates in real time card play.  Set in the fantasy world of Ventuna, the city has be destroyed by Dark Lord Oblivion and his associates. In a last attempt to fight back, the races have gathered together to create a new city known as ‘Last Hope’. The city combines the many races and works together to protect themselves from the reach of Dark Lord Oblivion.

Players can participate in play to earn activities by sending their heroes outside of the city walls to defeat enemies, find dungeons with artefacts to claim, buy land, uncover nodes and complete missions.

Player versus player aspects include guild versus guild or team vs team.

Crafting is an important aspect of the game in which players are able to create weapons and armour thus increasing the power of their heroes. These heroes can be then traded, sold and rented for profit.

Guild spells are cards that a player can use as they are battling – they could create a magic shield or attack the enemy with a fire spell and much more.

As players explore the Heroes Chained realms and discover new locations, it will be possible to buy land with nodes and thus generate valuable resources for the player.

The project has an impressive team of of contributors:

- Erhan Taşkın, CEO and co-founder. 20+ years of software experience.

- Salih Kanlı, Vice chairman of the board and co-founder. 20+ years of software experience.

- Mevlut Dinç, Executive producer and co-founder

- Onur Can Çaylı, Art director

The project is still in its early stages - the initial coin offering is scheduled for Q1 of 2022.


Crabada is a fully decentralised play to earn game.  Set in the ancient Hermit-Crab Kingdom ruled by Crustaco the King of Crabada.  You purpose it to recruit loyal followers to your causes whilst harvesting resources from mines and breeding new warriors for your army.

There are two tokens associated with the game:

- Governance token Crabada ($CRA) is awarded to users from staking and playing the game during incentive periods. At the time of writing, $CRA has a market capitalisation of $79 million and the token is trading at $1.20.

- The in-game currency is Treasure Under Sea ($TUS) and it earned by playing the game, looting, mining and lending crabs using the tavern. At the time of writing, $TUS has a market capitalisation of $10 million and the token is trading at 25 cents.

Both tokens can be purchased from Trader Joe using Avalanche tokens.

Based on the initial release in November 2021, players are able to form a team of three Crabada to play in two game modes to earn either of the two in-game currencies.  Players are able to utilize the marketplace, breeding, mining expedition, looting mission and the battle game prototype.

In Q1 of 2022 the initial release of the battle game will be deployed.


TaleCraft is a gaming NFT project that runs on the Avalanche smart contract platform.  The premise of the game is one of card trading in which you can mint NFT my creating various crafts with 4 main cards that represent elements.  These cards can then be sold in the marketplace.

Initially there are 160 types of alchemist cards, each with 5 different tiers.  The tiers represent gold, silver, iron, stone and philosopher's stone.  These tier levels are set based on the difficulty and rarity of the cards production.

The alchemists chest is a system whereby 10,000 units are placed on sale every week. The purchase maximum rights is 50 chests.

At the time of writing the project is a market capitalisation of $3.5m and the token is trading at 91 cents.



An editor at Coincrop
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