Best Way to Earn GRT Rewards

Best Way to Earn GRT Rewards

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An editor at Coincrop

29 Aug 2022 | 16 min read


ree earning through crypto rewards may not sound like a big deal. But anyone with a low investment profile can eventually make a fortune from the rewards. However, not many crypto assets provide rewards outside of their portfolios.

That’s where GRT, the native token of the Graph Network, stands atop. You don’t have to stick your assets within a specific portfolio. Using the best way to earn GRT rewards can reveal a source of passive and even regular source of income.

Disclaimer: All of the information written on Coincrop is without influence and based on our analysis. No guarantee is offered concerning the accuracy of this information and therefore, any individual following up on it does as such completely at their own risk. Rates are correct at time of publication.

What are GRT Rewards?

GRT stands for The Graph, a protocol to power up applications. The indexing protocol for querying network data works like Ethereum and IPFS. IPFS refers to Interplanetary File System in blockchain networks.

However, it powers up both Defi and Web3 ecosystem applications. Retrieval of blockchain data is possible with the indexing protocol. GRT is currently compatible with ETH, IPFS, and POA network indexing data.

Meantime, GRT rewards are tokens gifted to individuals for performing a task. Pros and commoners earn GRT rewards in different ways. But only a few authentic means qualify as the best way to earn GRT rewards.

Why Earn GRT Rewards?

The idea of passive income through crypto channels keeps getting more attention. You don’t have to spend much time on this channel. It seems the best way to earn GRT rewards can get you a few extra bucks.

GRT rewards are entirely associated with virtual finance. So, you’re free from paying extra taxes or transaction/hidden fees on the income. The amount is less but comes in handy to grow your crypto empire.

You don’t have to compromise your regular job with the best way to earn GRT rewards. It’ll only take a few minutes to finish a quiz. And the returns via GRT staking lets you attend to the real world without worries.

What is the Best Way to Earn GRT Rewards?

Earning crypto rewards is easy for some cryptos against some other’s challenging means. GRT doesn’t let you down with two universal and one professional way. You can look into delegation for more rewards or quiz/staking for low to moderate earning.

1. Delegation

Delegation is a great source to earn greater numbers of free GRT tokens. The process can also make more Tezos or XTZ without much effort or time.

The required delegation fee is 0.5% of the allocated transaction service offers (TSOs). However, the actual fee tends to vary depending on the protocol used. Also, the accountability includes delegation amount and expected market inflations.

So, the overall profitability of each operation is considered for calculation. And the system will deduct the fees from your stake during every delegating operation.

Delegating tokens also enable indexing within the permitted Defi ecosystem. But indexers must keep multiple factors in mind to decide on the delegation. Joining The Graph Discord will let you access a list of authentic and suitable GRT indexers.

Some indexers are active, whereas some indexers may remain indolent. Active ones have been indexing the test net for months to improve the network’s health.

Delegation involving these kinds of developing tasks can earn you rewards. Likewise, you’ll need proper technical knowledge and permission for delegation.

Therefore, it may not appear as the best way to earn GRT rewards to investors or enthusiasts.

A delegated indexer often receives a high share of the gifted GRT rewards. An indexer can furthermore delegate the GRT rewards to a validator. It comes with occupying a lower % of the delegation pool.

Delegating GRT to someone else will get the delegate an equal % of the earned rewards. That’s how you can gain more GRT from delegating compared to mining.

Still, you can avoid it as the best way to earn GRT rewards. You must stake 55K GRT to generate $10 daily for $17,600 in rewards. Still, a delegate is dutybound to lock away the funds for good.

Best Way to Earn GRT Rewards

2. Participation in Quiz

However, the next best way to earn GRT rewards is for almost everybody. Open an a/c to participate in the quizzes organized by the crypto platform.

The organizing platform uses quizzes as a marketing tool to spread crypto knowledge. And the participants can benefit from the rewards, knowledge, and interaction.

Many crypto exchanges facilitate quizzes with varying rewards. Meanwhile, less-known crypto-related organizations arrange quizzes from time to time.

Coinbase and Binance are the most trustworthy exchanges for GRT rewards. The rewarding amount is considerably limited but surely worth the time and effort.

You can google to find the answers asked in quizzes arranged by the platforms. It can give you heads-up to know the assets and their underlying techs.

The best way to earn GRT rewards can’t get any better than quizzes. You’ll have to settle down for a low reward amount instead of achieving a fortune.

3. CoinMarketCap Learn and Earn

CoinMarketCap, one of the best crypto price listing sites, launched the program. It lets the participants earn tokens after learning about a crypto project.

The educational earning campaign is more like a quiz arranged by Binance. You’ll need a KYC-verified Binance account to participate in the program.

Anyone interested in cryptography can find another best way to earn GRT rewards. A campaign by one of the most trusted websites is no negligible deal.

4. Staking

Staking idle crypto assets is becoming more popular for high profits. Earning rewards based on fixed APYs can eliminate market volatility for a while.

That’s why staking the tokens is another best way to earn GRT rewards. It enables satisfyingly profitable use of your idle resources without worries.

Non-custodial staking of GRT will give you full control over the funds. You can still check on possible options after locking away the GRT-based capital.

Nonetheless, you’re to deal with certain risk assessments with staking. Proper research for precautions will get you reasonable numbers of GRT rewards.

How to Delegate GRT for Rewards?

Anyone thinking delegation is the best way to earn GRT rewards can go for a full-time income. And you need to proceed with the following steps –

    1. Select indexers having lower query fee cuts against higher effective reward cuts.

    2. Narrow down the indexers with lower query fee cuts against positive effective reward cut percentages.

    3. Check the far-right table corner to click on the ‘Delegate’ button.

    4. A new window will appear onscreen, asking you to enter the staking amount.

    5. Enter the amount to connect the app with a wallet. GRT Delegation needs a must-have Web 3.0 crypto wallet.

Two terms are worth explaining – Query Cut and Effective Cut. Serving the subgraph queries comes with query fees. And effective cuts refer to the indexer % of rewards from the delegator reward pool.

How to Participate in Quizzes for GRT Rewards?

Opening an a/c with the quiz-arranging exchanges (Binance/Coinbase) is the 1st step. You need to verify your identity through the built-in automated process.

The best way to earn GRT rewards should become easy right after. Check for the quiz option on the window from your smartphone/laptop. Reach the section to go through the rules and other applicable conditions.

Finish the quiz as per the rules and grab your earned rewards. The rewards should appear right on the a/c balance, allowing you to trade, swap, or transfer.

How to Stake GRT for Rewards? 

You must buy some tokens regarding the best way to earn GRT rewards. The most well-known exchange platforms to swap your assets for GRT are –

    • Binance

    • Coinbase

    • Bitstamp

    • Kraken


    • Gemini

    • KuCoin

    • Huobi Global

    • WazirX

The best way to earn GRT rewards through staking will take time. Market price, current APYs, and your chosen plan for staking will influence the returns.

Opening an a/c to transfer the fiat will let you trade GRT for the prices. You can evaluate options on different staking platforms with specified APYs.

However, you’ll need a Web 3.0 compatible digital wallet to hold on to your assets. MetaMask is currently the topmost crypto wallet for GRT tokens.

Transfer the owned GRT to the chosen portfolio with certain staking options. You can become a GRT delegator by staking the required token number.

How much can I earn from GRT staking?

There are various ways in which you can earn rewards - below are the best way to earn GRT rewards:

OrganizationDeposit assetsReward assetsAPY Rate


Deposit The GraphThe Graph (GRT)

Earn The GraphThe Graph (GRT)

21.8% - flexible



Deposit The GraphThe Graph (GRT)

Earn The GraphThe Graph (GRT)

6.50% - fixed (7 days)



Deposit The GraphThe Graph (GRT)

Earn The GraphThe Graph (GRT)

5.00% - flexible



Deposit The GraphThe Graph (GRT)

Earn The GraphThe Graph (GRT)

5.00% - flexible



Deposit The GraphThe Graph (GRT)

Earn The GraphThe Graph (GRT)

4.00% - fixed (30 days)



Deposit The GraphThe Graph (GRT)

Earn The GraphThe Graph (GRT)

3.50% - fixed (14 days)



Deposit The GraphThe Graph (GRT)

Earn The GraphThe Graph (GRT)

3.04% - fixed (30 days)

Wrapping Up

Best Way to Earn GRT Rewards

Earning limited GRT from a simple quiz on exchanges works for many. Low-level investors can consider staking the asset for its considerably low price.

Otherwise, you can dedicate yourself to the network for a large income. Every best way to earn GRT rewards comes with its benefits and downsides.

Still, GRT remains one of the top tokens for rewarding users. Finding suitable means will surely add free assets to your Defi portfolio.

Best Way to Earn GRT Rewards FAQs

GRT is also in a declining position with the entire market. But the market forecast predicts a potential surge in the coming months.

Participating in quizzes is the best way to earn GRT rewards for everyone. Staking will require a good amount to yield a satisfying return.

The APY can vary to a considerable extent based on the staking options. Also, different platforms offer a distinctive range of GRT rewards.



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