British MP Announces NFT Charity for Ukraine

British MP Announces NFT Charity for Ukraine

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An editor at Coincrop

22 Feb 2023 | 6 min read


n order to support CARE International's Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal, British MP Matt Hancock has announced a charitable NFT series involving a Ukrainian family that left Kyiv. This initiative will help raise money for the cause and provide much-needed aid in Ukraine.

British MP Matt Hancock is continuing his commitment to championing blockchain technology with the launch of an innovative NFT collection entitled "From Ukraine With Love," as reported by CryptoSlate.

Experience the exquisite collection of artwork painted by Oleg Mischenko, and discover a glimpse into Ukraine's culture before war. "From Ukraine with Love" will be available at The NFT Gallery in London’s Mayfair on Monday, 27th February; all proceeds from sales will go towards CARE International UK’s Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. This exclusive event was curated by Irina Korobkina - who had to flee Kyiv with her 5-year-old daughter due to Russia's aggression against their land - for us to appreciate the true beauty of Ukrainian artistry and its people.

Hancock extended an invitation for Korobkina to take up residence in the UK starting April 2022, while Mischenko stayed back in Ukraine continuing his painting endeavours despite shells falling around him. He eventually re-joined his family last December.

“My husband’s paintings and this NFT collection gives my family and my country hope. Each piece depicts nature in our wonderful Ukraine. It was a beautiful, flourishing, peaceful country until Putin waged this illegal and barbaric war.”

Heralding crypto with enthusiasm, Matt Hancock proudly declared his support for the NFT collection. He commented:

“I’m incredibly proud of Irina and Oleg, and I am honoured to support the family with their charity NFT collection, Oleg is an incredibly talented artist, and his ‘From Ukraine, With Love’ collection is truly stunning.”

Hancock has been vocal in advocating for the blockchain industry, repeatedly encouraging the UK to become a "crypto hub." As MP of West Suffolk, he is focused on furthering a “growth-maximizing view” that will eventually increase revenue from taxation and regulation surrounding cryptocurrency.

This new NFT collection is not only evidence of Hancock's support for blockchain as a technology, but also an endorsement of its myriad use cases.

At the Zebu Live conference in London on September 23rd, 2022, Hancock made it clear that he was not invested, nor did he own any cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. He saw his neutrality to all crypto assets as an advantage and stated that this enabled him to be more impartial when considering its future.

In contrast to this, the majority of influential figures in the crypto space have opted for a different approach, investing heavy amounts into digital assets.

For quite a while, Hancock has been enthusiastic about blockchain technology. As the Paymaster General in 2016, he boldly declared:

“The government cannot bury its head in the sand and ignore new technologies as they emerge. That is partly what happened in the past in government with the web … We cannot let that happen again by standing still.”

Since most of Hancock's moves to advocate for cryptocurrency within the United Kingdom pre-dated 2020, he re-emerged in 2022 as a notable proponent of digital currency within British government circles. He has since made several public appearances supporting UK crypto.

On February 27th, the NFT collection will be unveiled on Coinbase's state-of-the-art NFT marketplace. Don't miss out!



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