C Charge Pre-Sale Raises $1.2 Million

C Charge Pre-Sale Raises $1.2 Million

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An editor at Coincrop

17 Feb 2023 | 7 min read


ith just 5 days left to invest before the price increases, C+Charge has already achieved a remarkable feat of raising $1.2 million for their innovative electric vehicle (EV) charging and payment system! This impressive milestone was met with unprecedented speed as it crossed the previous investment hallmark of $1 million in only a few hours. Don't miss this chance to take part in an exciting adventure into revolutionizing EV charging systems - act now while you still have time!

In the realm of cryptocurrency, a new revolutionary green project is underway to provide an easier solution to the transportation sector. With higher numbers of electric vehicles entering this field and their capabilities continuously increasing, we can find solace in knowing that our planet will be better protected for years to come!

Electric vehicles are quickly revolutionizing transportation by reducing stress, decreasing the use of fossil fuels, and ultimately creating a sustainable environment. That's why C+Charge is making waves in the industry with its blockchain-based project - to help make these objectives achievable!

C+Charge is shaking up the electric vehicle charging industry by introducing a peer-to-peer payment solution, and offering drivers the chance to earn carbon credits usually only given out to large companies with high emissions. This means that EV users can now easily keep track of their charging costs while contributing towards a greener environment worldwide!

With the third presale phase of its native token, $CCHG, now coming to a close and having raised almost $1.2 million in investment so far, it's easy to see why this crypto project is considered immersive by investors. Only five days remain until the fourth presale phase kicks off - making now an opportune moment for those interested in being part of something big!

Harnessing the potential of electric vehicles is within reach, yet EV owners have met a variety of obstacles along their journey. From little clarity in charging costs to Tesla's introduction of its vast EVs, other car manufacturers have entered the Electric vehicle industry and presented diverse models - this is where C+Charge steps in. By redefining the EV Charging Market Payment System, they are paving a new path for effortless adoption!

For branded EVs to become the norm, there must be more charging stations and a payment system that is simple and unified.

Moreover, with opaque pricing methods, EV drivers are in the dark about the actual cost of charging their EVs. It is here that C+Charge comes into play to redefine and simplify this process.

The C+Charge team believes the current structure of the EV industry is medieval to support the rising number of electric vehicle production. Being one of the cryptos projects with a wide array of real-life use cases, the platform has designed a robust P2P solution for EV charging stations powered by blockchain technology. 

C+Charge aims to become a world-revered universal payment system for the EV industry through its robust application and native token, $CCHG. Through these integrations, the eco-friendly blockchain project intends to become a go-to payment platform for EV charging and reward drivers with carbon credits for driving and recharging. 

C+Charge is now giving presale access to its unique token. This utility token provides a powerful system within the project and permits EV drivers to pay for charging costs with ease, as well as produce proof of carbon credits distribution.

This week, the presale of $CCHG achieved an incredible milestone by surpassing a $1 million investment. Even more impressively, due to strong interest from investors around the globe, it is expected to exceed $1.2 million in just hours! Currently in its third phase and set to enter into its fourth stage within five days, this presale is sure to be one for the books.

As the fourth stage commences, we're pleased to announce that $CCHG's presale rate will be increasing from $0.016 per token up to an unprecedented value of $0.017.



An editor at Coincrop
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