Cashaa Review

Cashaa Review

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An editor at Coincrop

30 Aug 2022 | 22 min read


ash transfers related to crypto trading often pose a challenge to newbie investors. There are fees to pay at every stage of the transfers and the transactions. It’s also difficult for investors outside the US and Europe to send/receive local fiat currencies for conversion.

But Cashaa is ready to crush the cross-border boundary with its revolutionary zero-fee transfer. You don’t have to pay a good amount for the transfer or wait for processing. The organization brought out one great use of blockchain for user-friendly digital banking.

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What is Cashaa?

Cashaa is a blockchain-powered platform for simple cash exchange and transferring processes. Its service consists of a series of banking services for crypto investors. The platform aims at making the cash transferring process free for everyone.

The platform intends to match cash transfer requests with ongoing live deals. Cash senders submit a transfer request, and cryptocurrency traders post live deals to sell the assets. And Cashaa takes the opportunity to connect both parties together.

Cashaa also falls under the category of a Fintech or Forex platform for the mechanism. Fintech (Financial Technology) is adapting software with mobile apps and associated technology to improve traditional finance. Fintech can automate the system for consumers and businesses alike.

Meanwhile, Forex (Foreign Exchange) is a broker of a financial services company. It gives traders with foreign currency to buy and sell money through the platform. The referred foreign currency can be either a fiat currency or a cryptocurrency.

Cashaa gives you one account to cover your traditional and newly emerged digital finance. The hybrid account is suitable for all your local and international banking needs. And the multi-currency platform is also quite crypto-friendly to put your money into good use.

This is guide is a Cashaa review.

What is the History of Cashaa?

You can think of Cashaa to be more like a remittance company standing on a unique cash model. Kumar Gaurav, an Indian entrepreneur and the current CEO is credited with finding Cashaa in 2017. Felice Covelli, the CFO, and Amjad Khan, the CTO, are this enterprise's co-founders.

It all started with the mechanism of zero remittance or fee-free banking in practice in 2016. His team developed the MVP BTC2BID concept to bank the unbanked in the crypto world.

Cashaa raised the seed fund in the earliest stage by April 2016, following MVP BTC2BID’s development. Over 3000 traders joined the platform by June 2016, within 90 days of starting the project. They even got selected at the Level 39 Technology Accelerator in Canary Wharf, London.

The blockchain-based company launched its beta version in March 2017 in four countries. And this is why the founding year is considered 2017 instead of 2016. Potential clients from India, Indonesia, Nigeria, and the UK were the first to try the beta version.

Through June, July, and August of 2017 it held a busy period with much ongoing testing and improvements. The team designed the most cost-efficient bank transfer settlement system between India and the UK. Extensive testing confirmed its superior security and further usability.

Cashaa also formed a holding company in Estonia by September-October in 2017. It denoted their keen interest in launching a friendly yet practical token generation event. The event allows beginners to participate by integrating PayPal and bank payments.

The company set strict policies for customers/clients related to KYC and AML after launching the $CAS token. Also, they eventually launched OTC Exchange, African Payment Alliance, PoC, and PoF for the services. Even the European Central Bank and European Regulators applauded the policy and strategy by 2018.

API, e-KYC, Membership Plans, CMC Wallet, and Beta Business – all went active by the end of 2018. These incorporated projects attracted investors through official recognitions. Cashaa participated in many events in its 2017 – 2019 period to subjugate many awards.

The company continued to introduce new products and services throughout 2020 and 2021. It enabled the users to connect to many top exchanges and financial platforms. They have specific goals and roadmaps to achieve the directive of no-fee transfers.

Cashaa’s head office currently resides in Canary Wharf in London, UK. However, its Holding Office remains in Tallinn, Estonia. Some initial works were known to happen in Mumbai for the Indian parts. But their Unicas LLP rests at Jaipur in Rajasthan, India.

How Does Cashaa Work? 

The blockchain-based system is a peer-to-peer (P2P) platform, especially for cash transfers. However, the company eventually integrated many new products and services. But the previously mentioned MVP BTC2BID found the ground for Cashaa.

MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is the basic/initial version of a product designed for the market. And BTC2BID works as a deal aggregator, blind-auction, and escrow system. The concept only deals with real Bitcoin, eliminating fake bids for price inflation.

It brings liquidity from the cash transferring industry spread into the entire world. Anyone from any place can trade in cryptocurrency or fiat currency in the international market. It also creates an absolute win-win situation for either party involved in the trade.

Local traders often find themselves in a difficult position to make international trades. There are high cash transfer fees and paying or getting paid takes a considerable time. But Cashaa incorporates an indirect banking system to enable cross-border transfers.

Traders can do the transactions at their prices without involving a direct medium. You won’t have to worry about specific fees or conversion rates either. Paying or getting paid from the trade in local cash is easy, simple, and fast on the platform.

Meantime, Cashaa still makes money by charging the traders from their profit. Charging fees depend on the trading volume compared to the local Bitcoin price. Also, the charged amount is reasonably lower compared to hefty bank withdrawal or transfer fees.

What are the Products of Cashaa?

Cashaa offers its clients three major products: Personal, Business, and CAS. However, all the features are integrated into either one or multiple major products. Everything available in the platform remains embedded within these products.

    • Personal

Opening a personal account requires your mobile number and email address. It lets you buy or sell supported crypto assets using specific fiat currencies. Transferring the local cash to your account will automatically convert the money to a fiat currency.

Use the top-up supported wallet to store your overall investment with optimum security. You can also make a huge profit from the industry’s highest interest rates daily. Investing in Bitcoin or Tether (USDT) can get you 12.00% to 20.00% interest.

    • Business

Choosing Business will remove all the barriers to your local and international banking. Opening an EU current account or US current account will do the job. An EU account enables SEPA and SWIFT accounts, whereas a US account features ACH, Wire, and Int’l payments.

The product incorporates two banking APIs – Payment API and Data & AML API for innovators. Also, the features include FX international transfers from US or EU. The real-time payment network can handle large volumes between the market price for businesses.

    • CAS Token

The growing ecosystem launched a $CAS token to support the company’s financial revolution. Both the personal and business wallet integrates a simple conversion feature. You can turn your crypto assets and fiat currencies to CAS in seconds with available pairs.

Staking your tokens in the wallet can earn you CAS directly from the company. However, you can opt for CAS to take your daily interest in your stored crypto/fiat investment. CAS is also available in some top crypto exchange platforms for direct purchase.

What Currencies Does Cashaa Support?

Cashaa supports the following 10 fiat currencies –

    1. US Dollar (USD)

    2. Swiss Franc (CHF)

    3. Euro (EUR)

    4. Canadian Dollar (CAD)

    5. Great Britain Pound (GBP)

    6. Australian Dollar (AUD)

    7. Chinese Yuan (CNH)

    8. New Zealand Dollar (NZD)

    9. Japanese Yen (JPY)

    10. Singapore Dollar (SGD)

Meanwhile, you can exchange the following crypto assets –

    • #Bitcoin (BTC)

    • #Ethereum (ETH)

    • #Tether (USDT)

    • #USD Coin (USDC)

    • #Ripple (XRP)

    • #Dogecoin (DOGE)

    • #Litecoin (LTC)

    • #Binance Coin (BNB)

    • #Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

    • #Uniswap (UNI)

    • #Chainlink (LINK)

What are the Advantages of Cashaa?

Free money transfer is indeed the most noteworthy positive for the company. You don’t have to rely on expensive transfers to invest. Nonetheless, there are more positives to enjoy through its products and services.

    • Perfectly Matching Trade

All the registered traders are independent of the platform, not even affiliates. The system only brings the senders and the receivers to a common virtual place. You can send or receive money on agreed terms within the licensing regulations.

    • Secure Personal Wallet

Many investors spend extra money on wallets to protect the purchased cryptocurrency. But you can have a personal wallet without thinking of any breach or scam. Cashaa lets you store all your assets within the account for easy access.

    • Easy Exchange of Assets

Converting fiat currency to crypto often becomes problematic with extra fees. Advanced trading can also cost you a significant fortune. Here, feel free to make easy conversions and swaps through your account to get ready for trades.

    • Daily Compound Interest

There are different tiers in the portfolio to let you earn some interest. And you’ll receive the interest on your stacked crypto assets daily. The system enables a compound interest mechanism to add the previous interests to your stack.

    • Fixed-Term Deposits

Making deposits for a fixed term can get you a higher interest rate on your assets. Earning interests on supported altcoins is lower than the fixed deposits on Stablecoins. You can take the CAS token for interests to convert/trade from your account.

    • Simple Passcode Trade

You can work without a debit card, bank account, credit card, or a smartphone on the receiver end. You can trade to receive money from a desktop browser or an analog mobile. You’ll get the money in local fiat currency using simple passcode.

    • Anytime Withdrawal

Withdrawals are available for users from anywhere in the world at any time. And you can try free withdrawals through the Cashaa portfolio. Four-tier plans with different numbers of free withdrawals are allowed every month.

    • API-Based Infrastructure

Integrating the digital wallet with your ERP and Accounting & Payroll software is simple. Also, it lets you comply with the rules with KYC and AML requirements. It covers payment notifications, payment triggering, and beneficiary management.

How Safe is Cashaa?

The company implements excellent security measures to guarantee maximum system safety. But some regulations allow some of your private data for marketing, promotional, and overseas transfers. And you won’t have to worry about the possibility of going down, scams or sanctions, or fraudulent interest rates.

The platform collects only necessary private information for processing. And they have a policy to keep the data to themselves. Only a handful of third parties are permitted to get your info through Cashaa.

One great feature of the organization concerns its regulatory measures and bank engagements. The platform maintains the respective country’s monetary policy related to its product and service offerings. It makes Cashaa a more secure and somewhat backed place to keep, invest, and earn your crypto asset.

How Good is Cashaa Help and Cashaa Community?

Cashaa Help Center consists of 3 parts – Knowledge Base, Question & Answer, and Support. Knowledge Base features available facts to develop some primary ideas on the platform. Also, you can check for recent announcements and updates.

Finding the answer to a specific question requires getting a ticket to submit your queries. You can ask anything related anytime from anywhere without hesitation. Meanwhile, you can opt for direct contact to receive instant help during an emergency.

Joining the official Cashaa community can also help with your trading/managing issues. You should feel comfortable resolving problems through other members’ engagement. It accesses exclusive content, news, and events through official messages. 

How much can I earn from Cashaa?

The following table lists products that pay interest on a flexible terms basis:

Deposit assetsReward assetsAPY Rate

Deposit BNBBNB (BNB)


9.00% - flexible

Deposit USD CoinUSD Coin (USDC)

Earn USD CoinUSD Coin (USDC)

33.0% - flexible

Deposit TetherTether (USDT)

Earn TetherTether (USDT)

33.0% - flexible

Deposit EthereumEthereum (ETH)

Earn EthereumEthereum (ETH)

8.00% - flexible

Deposit BitcoinBitcoin (BTC)

Earn BitcoinBitcoin (BTC)

9.00% - flexible

Cashaa Review Conclusion

Cashaa will keep growing with time through its new, innovative, efficient products and services, along with a customer recommendation. There are many good reasons for you to use the platform for crypto trades.

Earning profits without compromised security is no longer an issue. Start sending or receiving cash from the trade in your fiat currency without paying worthless fees.

Cashaa FAQs

Yes, opening an account with the platform makes anyone a trader. It only requires mobile to become a part of the trading network.

The withdrawal limit for users without bank accounts is $2000 per week. There are withdrawal limits based on the portfolio plan.

Currently, Cashaa is working on launching upgrades for its mobile app. However, the company is yet to develop a mobile wallet app.



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