Coincircle Review

Coincircle Review

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An editor at Coincrop

01 Sept 2022 | 20 min read


hort-term crypto investors on a budget always look for a cost-saving solution for their trades. Also, companies willing to integrate crypto asset services face difficulty matching the features. Not many companies have the profound skill and experience to address these issues.

CoinCircle is a less-known yet excellent organization to deliver a satisfactory service. Investors can use its wallet to trade and earn yields from secure protocol support. Meanwhile, they offer subtle solutions to corporate problems associated with crypto/digital merging.

Disclaimer: All of the information written on Coincrop is without influence and based on our analysis. No guarantee is offered concerning the accuracy of this information and therefore, any individual following up on it does as such completely at their own risk. Rates are correct at time of publication.

What is CoinCircle?

CoinCircle is mainly an app-based online platform to deploy multiple digital assets. The cryptocurrency organization designs explicitly, engineers, and markets token selling campaigns of renowned companies. The platform also provided end-to-end solutions to companies for tokenization.

Token selling campaigns organized by different crypto platforms cover a large part of their marketing. It requires proper planning and implementation to reach the target consumer as much as possible. And CoinCircle has a team of market specialists to lead the planned campaigns to success.

They also participate in the token design and smart contract engineering associated with the planning. Deploying the token in the market for future growth and trades is also important. That’s where CoinCircle comes forward with experienced analysts and professionals.

However, you can also buy and sell cryptocurrency through the currently working portfolio. There are options to achieve bonuses and rewards from the platform on your deposits, subject to conditions. They come with several excellent features to encourage you to make investments.

The decentralized Fintech company has a Defi platform powered by the Radian protocols. It lets you buy, sell, trade, earn, research, and analyze hundreds of circulating crypto assets. Installing the mobile app to become a member will unlock the potential you need for a superior profit.

What is the History of CoinCircle?

Little is available about the company's history, especially in its early stages. The platform started its official journey in 2017. However, all the available products and services are more recent.

Erick Miller, the CEO, and Cooper Maruyama, the Lead Engineer, are credited with founding the company. Their team grew with time, slowly but constantly, to cope with the market demands. CoinCircle team now consists of entrepreneurs, investors, technologists, and leaders from respectable institutions.

Erick is an entrepreneur and investor with sufficient professional experience in the field. He’s also the managing director of Hyperspeed Ventures. Meanwhile, Copper is also the co-founder of ICO Stats. He’s the Senior Engineer at Faraday Future and the Senior Software Engineer at Marketshare.

CoinCircle is yet to raise a significant amount. But the company entered the market to raise seed funds right after its start. And their Initial Coin Offering (IFO) raised interest among the leading market investors. The platform eventually raised an undisclosed seed fund in the preliminary rounds. 

CoinCircle's major breakthrough attracted the industry, media, and investors in June 2021. The platform announced to provide a 10% Interest Boost on the world’s largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

Furthermore, the QR scan-based offer came with a surprise limited edition CoinCircle NFT as a gift. The special promotion came from the company’s sponsorship of Bitcoin Conference 2021 in Miami. And it was the then largest event organized on BTC, with thousands of investors and enthusiasts.

CoinCircle wants to redefine the future with decentralized and accessible finance. Entirely seamless interaction between the existing and new techs can push the business into the competition. And they chose a scalable, compliant, and secure blockchain system for the platform to achieve that directive.

The company HQ currently resides in Santa Monica in California, US. They don’t precisely operate outside the USA. Its activity covers the west coast, the western part of the US, and the greater Los Angeles area. 

What are the Products of CoinCircle?

CoinCircle has three well-specified products to offer to its customers. And each product is embedded with many excellent features. You can check into the products for the company as well as individual uses.

    1. Wallet

It’s the most usable product on CoinCircle for individual uses. Many integrated features take your crypto experience to a newer level. Opening an account to go through the verifications will activate your wallet. You can request, earn, buy, sell, pay, and track all your digital assets. 

    2. Assets

Access real-time news on your favorite cryptos in the market with live price charts. You can trade in thousands of cryptocurrency units through the platform. However, it emphasizes Bitcoin purchases most of the time. There are many upcoming assets to let you explore the full potential of the crypto-verse.

    3. Create Crypto

Creating your cryptocurrency for market circulation is no simple task. But the CoinCircle team is ready to turn your dream into a reality. They use Radian protocol and Ethereum payment to create your designed token. However, this one is still in its beta version without confirming future upgrades anytime soon.

What Solutions Does CoinCircle Offer?

As mentioned, the organization provides digital asset-related solutions to other companies. And their services serve three major categories in the industry.

    1. Team

Launching a new cryptocurrency token is only several minutes away with CoinCircle Team Solutions. The entire process is simple, secure, and sufficient for anyone looking into deployment. A steady blockchain mechanism featuring strong cryptography can create a token programmatically for market circulation.

    2. Developer

Connecting your app to crypto to reach more consumers is simple with CoinCircle Developer Solutions. It consists of excellent wallet support, KYC metrics, investor accreditation, market analysis, and more. The simple-to-use API lets you enjoy the next levels of smartphone app development for the crypto industry.

    3. Compliance

This part is mainly an integrated section of the Developer Solution mentioned above. But the CoinCircle team can put the feature to other uses. It has two parts: KYC (Know Your Client) with AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and Investor Accreditation. And either part includes various sub-features.

There are several steps of verification with each compliance solution. You need to consider the most suitable ones based on your demands. They can suffice company as well as individual applications.

How to Use CoinCircle?

You need to register on the platform using the necessary personal info. You can opt to signup through any web browser instead of the app. However, it’s better to choose a smartphone app for daily login.

CoinCircle app is available on Google Play for Android as well as App Store for Apple. The app interface is also somewhat superior to its browser version. Navigating the app is effortless, simple, and convenient.

Registration doesn’t mean you’re free to access all the product features. You need to provide info for proper verification. Successful verification of your submitted application will activate the account.

You must connect to a supported bank account to transfer your money in a fiat currency. CoinCircle only supports USD for crypto purchases. So, make sure you move USD from the bank a/c to the platform.

Once the money in USD gets to your virtual a/c, you can trade for cryptos. Submit a request to buy a particular asset. A granted response will save the requested amount of digital assets in your account.

You can trade the assets for other cryptos by looking into the ongoing price charts. CoinCircle keeps the pricing updated as per the top exchanges. Making deposits to your account can also earn some interest. 

What are the Advantages of CoinCircle?

    • Secure Wallet Storage

The non-custodial wallet is enough to hold all your assets with maximum security. Managing your crypto transactions can’t get any easier or smoother. It gives you complete control over the multi-signature and un-hosted wallet.

    • Instantaneous Trading

You don’t have to go for long-term idling of assets with the stored assets. The wallet is ready to supply the necessary amount for a direct exchange. And make your anticipated profits from an instant sell/buy from the market.

    • Up-To-Date Exchange

Narrowing down the chances of losing a fortune while trading is almost minimal. Enjoy live-feed price charts from the top exchanges in the industry. Also, keep yourself engaged with the crypto news from the volatile virtuality. 

    • Diversified Holdings

CoinCircle lets you access thousands of circulating crypto assets in the market. Take your pick to attend the trading with your investments. Diversify your deposit with multi-protocol support with real-time price data.

    • Text and Email Transfer

Pay your friends, colleagues, and family members available on the platform. Also, manage impersonal addresses to add friends to the system. It lets you make a payment request to receive the fund in your preferred asset.

    • Crypto Token Creation

Releasing a well-defined token in the constantly growing market takes no time. The platform designs a system to do the whole part for you. And the processing covers from developing the concept to its final implementation.

    • Simple Digital Solution

Also, the entire mechanism is associated with simple solutions for the corporate world. The demand for digital integration based on blockchain keeps growing. And anyone facing trouble with the integrations can come here. 

    • Easy Yielding/Lending

The wallet is connected to the decentralized lending market through the Compound Protocol. The P2P market comes with dynamic rates to earn yields. You can borrow assets to access the fund instantly with no bank approvals.

What are the Downsides of CoinCircle?

The crypto platform is yet to make a name for itself for various reasons. And anyone interested in the promising advantages should know their negatives.

    • Private Holdings

The company is almost a privately-owned platform with venture capital-backed status. Not much is available on its seed fund. CoinCircle entered into the Early Stage VC deal in March 2021.

    • Least Publicity

Not a lot of crypto investors/analysts are aware of its existence. Mainstream publicity seems almost non-existent for the organization. And it’s yet to have a breakthrough in the crypto market.

    • Minimum Upgrades

Introducing new ideas and systems is mandatory to gain success. The platform barely comes with regular updates or upgrades. Their products and services seem to maintain a steady state. 

    • No Guidelines

There are no clear guidelines for investors to use the platform for profits. It’s crucial to keep the services supportive and friendly. But CoinCircle doesn’t have anything, especially for new investors.

These major setbacks lead to investors discouraging, confused, and disappointing turnaround. Some consider the platform a total scam, fraud, insecurity, and non-legit. Nonetheless, no such problems have been raised in the market to question CoinCircle’s overall legitimacy.

How Much Can I Earn from CoinCircle?

The following table lists products that pay interest on a flexible terms basis:

Deposit assetsReward assetsAPY Rate

Deposit Wrapped BitcoinWrapped Bitcoin (WBTC)

Earn Wrapped BitcoinWrapped Bitcoin (WBTC)

0.20% - flexible

Deposit DaiDai (DAI)

Earn DaiDai (DAI)

0.70% - flexible

Deposit USD CoinUSD Coin (USDC)

Earn USD CoinUSD Coin (USDC)

0.70% - flexible

Deposit TetherTether (USDT)

Earn TetherTether (USDT)

1.40% - flexible

Deposit EthereumEthereum (ETH)

Earn EthereumEthereum (ETH)

0.10% - flexible


CoinCircle isn’t exactly the name to hit your mind whenever you’re stuck in the crypto world. And they have severe issues to resolve surrounding all the demotivating rumors.

However, they provide an almost universal wallet to their clients for secure and simple trades. Getting help from the expert team to grow your company with crypto is also there.

You may want to give the platform a closer look before investing your valuable money. It should give a clear insight into all the company products and services for your gains.

CoinCircle FAQs

The platform isn’t out of suspicion due to minimum activity. But its users didn’t accuse the company of being insecure or non-legit.

CoinCircle currently integrates with Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, they have plans to increase the number based on future trends.

The company isn’t exactly a well-arranged place to put your assets. Users often find it dismissive, slow, and out-of-validity.



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