Crypto Queens £11M Apartment for Sale

Crypto Queens £11M Apartment for Sale

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An editor at Coincrop

23 Jan 2023 | 5 min read


he luxurious London penthouse of Ruja Ignatova, the mysterious founder of OneCoin's notorious Ponzi scheme, has been listed with a guide price between an astounding £2.5 million to £11 million - stirring up questions on her whereabouts. With such hefty sum placed on her residence, it is no wonder that people are trying to uncover where she disappeared to!

Last week, Ignatova - nicknamed the "Cryptoqueen" and declared missing since 2017 when US authorities issued an arrest warrant for her involvement in a £3.2 billion cryptocurrency scam - reportedly proclaimed ownership of the property.

Abbots House apartment building, located in the distinguished Kensington area, features an exquisite four-bedroom penthouse with a recommended listing of £2.5 to 11 million - substantially less than what Ignatova initially paid for it!

It's rumored that the disgraced founder of OneCoin stayed at this property for a brief period back in 2016. Additionally, it has seen some visits from people connected to OneCoin, including her brother Konstantin; however, it mostly stands empty today.

Abbots House Penthouse Limited, a secretive Guernsey shell company, owns the property. As such, Ignatova's name does not have to appear on any public records or land registry deeds.

The British real estate consultancy, Knight Frank, is offering up this flat for sale and Jamie Bartlett, host of the gripping podcast The Missing Cryptoqueen mentioned that it's "one of the most interesting developments in the story". He went on to say:

“The world’s most wanted woman is now officially listed as the ultimate beneficial owner of a London penthouse. It suggests she is still alive, and there are documents out there somewhere which contain vital clues as to her recent whereabouts."

After conducting a collaboration with BBC in 2021 to hunt down Ignatova and the rest of OneCoin's leaders, Bartlett implied that law enforcement could freeze their assets, allowing victims the potential opportunity to reclaim their lost funds.

Concocted by Bulgaria-based offshore companies OneCoin Ltd and OneLife Network Ltd, which were established in Dubai and Belize respectively, investors of the fraudulent enterprise known as 'OneCoin' believed they would attain returns up to 300%. American prosecutors challenged the scam's legitimacy, stating it had tricked international financiers out of a total sum amounting to $4 billion.

In July of last year, Ignatova was rapidly added to the FBI's top 10 "most wanted" list and a $100,000 reward for any information leading to her arrest was released. Ignatova was officially charged in 2019 with eight counts such as wire fraud and securities fraud. This is substantially serious criminal activity that requires urgent attention from authorities!

It is thought that she has altered her likeness and acquired superior falsified identification credentials in order to conceal herself. The last time Ignatova was seen, it was when boarding a flight from Bulgaria to Greece back in 2017; since then, she has been missing without a trace.



An editor at Coincrop
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