Metropoly: New Way to Invest in Real Estate

Metropoly: New Way to Invest in Real Estate

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An editor at Coincrop

28 Feb 2023 | 9 min read


s inflation continues to surge, interest rates are predicted to remain high. The US Federal Reserve has already been steadily increasing them in 2022, resulting in higher borrowing costs. This means fewer people may be able and willing to take out mortgages with the exorbitant prices that come along with it, leading to a decrease of real estate investments across the board.

Crypto enthusiasts can still invest in real estate thanks to Metropoly-- an NFT marketplace that offers a variety of property-backed tokens. Investing is simple and takes less than 60 seconds, no matter how much you want to spend (as little as $100!). Here's the rundown on their method:

Investors have been less than thrilled as the US Federal Reserve has implemented a more intense interest rate hike for 2022. These hikes, which are now higher than 2019's peak value, have led to an increase in current rates that is quickly approaching 5%. Unfortunately, this rapid rise in interest rates doesn't show any signs of slowing down anytime soon.

The US Federal Reserve is making the decision to raise interest rates in an effort to counteract surging inflation levels. Unfortunately, when inflation rises, so do prices of goods and services - even if you stick with buying the same items each week at the grocery store.

By raising interest rates, the goal is to make borrowing more costly in order to slow down buying and consequently reducing prices across the market. When interest levels are low, people will usually take out loans for purchases as it costs them less money. This trend has reversed recently due to rising current interest rate which means fewer individuals are willing or able to borrow funds including mortgages.

The real estate market has been a difficult one for many, with traditional mortgages becoming out of reach. It appears that only the ultra-wealthy have an edge in this industry, able to invest large sums into properties. Fortunately, companies like Metropoly are here to make it possible for even those on tighter budgets to start their own real estate portfolio – starting from as little as $100!

Introducing Metropoly, a groundbreaking NFT marketplace with NFTs backed by actual properties. Not only are these tokens incredibly innovative, but they also offer the potential for holders to earn passive income from their investments! Our mission is to revolutionize the real estate industry and modernize it through advanced technology – making sure that no one gets left behind in this brave new world.

Technology has allowed Metropoly to open up the world of real estate investment for everyday crypto investors! On this platform, you can quickly start buying properties without having to go through a bank and apply for a mortgage. Additionally, there's no credit check or paperwork needed - all that stands between an investor and their property is as little as 20 seconds with fast-fingers!

When you invest in real estate through Metropoly, it's easy to get started and only requires a small investment of $100. This is due to the fractionalization of all properties listed on the platform that are symbolized by Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) which can be bought separately.

By investing in an NFT from the Metropoly marketplace, you can reap the rewards of true passive income. Sadly, many projects make similar claims but fail to deliver as their benefits run out after a while. But with Metropoly, your projected returns are generated through one of the most dependable sources worldwide: rental yield! So, if you're looking for reliable and consistent passive income streams without much hassle - look no further than Metropoly's real estate marketplaces.

Real estate is one of the most dependable sources for generating long-term income, and this is why it's been a preferred investment choice amongst the wealthiest 1% in the world. Metropoly now enables crypto investors to gain access to an investible real estate market without any fuss; allowing them to reap its countless benefits with minimal effort.

When you purchase an NFT from the Metropoly team, a passive income is generated to your wallet in stablecoins with no further effort needed. They take care of everything: rent management so that tenants are paying their dues and property maintenance for maximum results. You can truly enjoy a seamless experience as all needs are easily taken care of for you.

The Metropoly presale has achieved an incredible feat - it has raised over $500,000! As the token price rose to $0.0625 with each new milestone hit, investors who joined during earlier stages were able to secure their METRO tokens for lower prices, which is proving a rewarding decision. Currently in its ninth stage, this trend of increased success is likely to continue as we move closer towards completion.

METRO is the central token powering Metropoly, with no taxes for transfers. That's not all - investors who use bonus code LAUNCH20 get an extra 20% on purchases! Furthermore, funds from presale will go towards re-investing in the platform, building a successful distribution strategy and making down payments to first secure our portfolio of properties. After undergoing audits by CertiK itself, METRO tokens are sure to deliver rewards securely to users.

Crypto enthusiasts will be thrilled to discover that they can still make real estate investments, even with the current high-interest rates throughout our economy. Metropoly is truly revolutionizing how we invest in real estate and bringing it into the 21st century!



An editor at Coincrop
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