MonkeyLeague – The Play to earn winner

MonkeyLeague – The Play to earn winner

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An editor at Coincrop

14 Feb 2022 | 5 min read


onkeyLeague has been described as a next-generation esports game on the metaverse in which players can create, play, compete and earn. It combines high-production value, multi-player gaming, NFTs and decentralised finance.

In this guide:

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What is MonkeyLeague?

It is perhaps best described as a combination between FIFA Street and Final Fantasy. Each playing participant has a team of four monkeys with the objective to win football games against other teams. Players can earn tokens by hosting games, buying stadiums and winning matches.

The game operates on the Solana blockchain.

In October 2021, MonkeyLeague raised $3 million from a variety of venture capitalists and angel investors including Shalom Meckenzie, iAngels, Solana Ventures, Republic, Yoni Assia (founder of eToro), NFX and CMS.

In November 2021, the developers announced the sale of the utility token MonkeyBucks $$MBS as part of an Initial DEX offering (IDO) which took place on the StarLaunch platform.

What is in a name?

The game began life as MonkeyBall. However, the Japanese multinational gaming company took issue with this choice of name and asked them to refrain from using it. SEGA owns the trademark to Super Monkey Ball, a mini arcade game.

In a tweet on the 31st January 2022, it was announced the MonkeyBall would become MonkeyLeague. Other than the name change, every other aspect of the project remained the same.

The utility token

The main token that powers the MonkeyLeague project is MonkeyBucks $$MBS, an in-game token in which players can earn by winning matches and completing missions.

The total supply of MonkeyBucks ($MBS) is 1 billion. $MBS is a capped token with limited supply – thus, as the game grows, so does the demand for $MBS and its value.

MBS - Staking and rewards

Outside the game, your $MBS can be placed into reward pools where your $MBS is staked in order to earn rewards over time. DeFi exchange Raydium is currently paying an APR of 115%.

MBS - Breeding

One of the most promising game features pending release is the breeding season game mode. Two breedable Monkey NFTs (and a breeding capsule) can be used to start breeding future generation NFTs.

MBS – Marketplace

The marketplace is scheduled to be launched in 2022 and the currency used will be MonkeyBucks ($MBS)

MBS - Match play

Every time a match is played, a few paid in “Energy” will be purchased from the MonkeyStore using $MBS. Match winnings will be paid in MonkeyBucks ($MBS). 

MBS - Pioneers Gear-Up

Shortly Pioneers Gear-Up will make it possible for $MBS and MonkeyLeague NFT holders to claim free items from the game store. Users will be able to add these NFTs in bheir inventory give early MonkeyLeague users advantages for game play.

MBS – Stadium NFTs

At the end of 2022, MonkeyLeague NFTs will be released in which players can earn another form of passive income. Stadium owners can host events and matches and collect a fee from each.



An editor at Coincrop
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