Nitro League: Play to earn racing

Nitro League: Play to earn racing

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An editor at Coincrop

30 Dec 2021 | 11 min read


he play to earn gaming space is expanding at a rapid pace with significant investment and many new entrants. The first play to earn racing game is Nitro League.

In this guide:

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What is Nitro League?

Set in the year 3050, the human race has progressed into a prosperous society in which people want for nothing.  The population is productive and wealthy with individuals only working to fund their hobbies.  The most popular hobby and sport is car racing.

The game takes place in the city of Ethermoor in which people participate in what has become the biggest race in the universe.  Society is ruled by “The Supreme Six” – 6 nations are live together peacefully with any disputes settled in Ethermoor at the Nitro Arena!

In each city, residents of split into clans that form part of the nation.  Each nation has a reputation for formidable technology and skills.  The game permits an unlimited number of clans to be created by Nitro Elders (the players) in each of the nations.  In order to race in the Nitro League, a player must first join a clan.

As players progress in the game, they are rewarded with a badge which represents a ranking system and is based on the players Reputation Points (RP).  Players are free to switch nations or clans but with the potential loss of clan/nation-specific bonuses.

In the event that a player wins a match, they are rewarded with RP – conversely, when a player fails to perform they lose RP.  Players are encouraged to return to the game with a potential loss in RP (and consequently rank) if they don’t regularly participate.

The Nitro utility token

The Nitro League economy is facilitated by a token referred to as Nitro.  The allocation of the token is as follows:

    • Private sales: 15.84%

    • Marketing: 10%

    • Advisors: 5%

    • Public sales: 3.34%

    • Team: 10%

    • Treasury: 25.83%

    • Ecosystem: 30%

The cars

Nitro League organises the available cars into six classes – each with different attributes around durability, handling, acceleration, reputation and speed.

    • The alpha class were produced between the years 2000 and 2020.  These vehicles include 4-wheel drive for street, sport, rally or drag racing. This class of cars are described as suiting the strong-willed who believe that “nothing can stand in their way”.

    • The beta class of cars date between 2021 and 2050 – like alpha, this includes street, sports, rally and drag vehicles.  Beta vehicles were designed to be stronger, safer and last longer than alpha.  These cars are described as being suit to player “who believe that defence is their best offence”.

    • Gamma class vehicles were produced between 2500 to 3050.  These two to three wheel vehicles include rockets, bikes and bullet-style vehicles.  These machines suit players who want quick accelerations whilst keeping their distance from other racers.

    • The omega class were produced after the year 3000 and include futuristic hover vehicles – they are described as “the fastest vehicles the world has ever seen”.

    • Delta class vehicles date back to 2020 and include Formula 1 style vehicles including four, three and two-wheelers as well as hover cars.

    • Finally, sigma class vehicles (produced in the year 3000) have the highest reputation being the most technologically advanced in the world.  Their artificial intelligence capabilities allow players to excel in races.

A unique feature of the game is the ability to create new vehicles with faster speeds and increased value.  In order to create new cars, players must own the two genesis cars on which the new car is based.

In addition to creating new cars, existing cars can be upgraded.  Parts can be improved (such as engine, spoilers, breaks etc.), decorations can be added and power-ups can be purchased.

All of the above aspects of individual cars function as NFTs that can be traded in the marketplace.


There are three modes in which you can race in Nitro League: free-to-play, solo events and team events.

    • Free-to-play mode – As a single player, the objective is to beat the high scores in a time-trial event.  This mode is primarily for practise purposes and there are no opportunities to gain reputation points (RP).

    • Solo events mode – Single players can participate in time time trials and head to head in which players must try and better each other’s high scores with the potential to win RPs.

    • Team events mode – Single players and multi players can play as teams to beat each other’s high scores for the chance to gain RPs.

The garage

The garage is a important part of the game in which players will spend most of their time.   It will feature car upgrades, a store, social activities, notifications, mini-games and more.   It will be possible to manage your NFT car collection from within the garage.

What is the project status?

At the time of writing, the project is raising funds through the sale of the token.

What is the roadmap?

Both investors and players will have to be patient as gameplay isn’t scheduled to go live until the second quarter of 2022:

    • Q4, 2021: Token launch, NFTs created, marketplace live

    • Q1, 2022: Showcase for NFT cars, assets and auction events. Garage and car updates.

    • Q2, 2022: Team, clan and league racing. Single player racing v1.  Multiplayer racing v1.

    • Q3, 2022: Single player racing v2 (improvements to racing experience), multiplayer racing v2 (additional improvements), clan based tournament racing.

Who is behind Nitro League?

Unlike many DeFi projects with anonymous developers, the names behind Nitro League are named:

    • Zaynab Tucker – CEO

    • Glen Bullen – COO

    • David Atkinson – CSO

    • Haseeb Khan - CTO

How can I make money with Nitro League?

It's early days in terms of how individuals can make money from Nitro League but below are some ideas:

    • Trading the NITRO token

    • Trading cars (NFTs) in the marketplace

    • Earning from participating and winning races




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