Venom Ventures Announces $1B Fund

Venom Ventures Announces $1B Fund

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An editor at Coincrop

18 Jan 2023 | 5 min read


enom Foundation proudly unveiled the Venom Ventures Fund, a cutting-edge venture capital incubator that has its sights set on investing in Web3 and relevant blockchain projects to aid them in achieving their goals. Iceberg Capital is proud to be the inaugural partner for this innovative endeavour.

Venom Ventures is committed to supporting the development of blockchain infrastructure, such as decentralized applications (DApps), decentralized finance (DeFi), and gaming platforms underpinned by blockchain technology. Additionally, we prioritize projects that will bring viable payment solutions to the market.

At Venom Ventures, we believe in more than just creating wealth--we prioritize the success of every individual involved with each project. Our investment strategies are designed to ensure that everyone prospers!

Pursuing a Web3 Penetration Initiative to support businesses through financial investments and additional bonuses like technological advancement guidance, legal filings assistance, as well as marketing strategies. This initiative will help companies flourish by providing them with the resources they need for success.

Boasting an impressive market value of $1 billion, this fund is the perfect opportunity for experienced investors to connect with up-and-coming players in the pre-seed and Series A phases. Undoubtedly, it's sure to be a potent force that will bring about lasting change within today's economy.

Peter Knez and Mustafa Kheriba, two vastly experienced investment professionals with extensive tenure in some of the most eminent family offices throughout the Middle East & North Africa areas, founded this company.

Venom Ventures not only offers the necessary funding and liquidity for businesses that seek investment, but also provides counselling, assistance, and expert marketing strategies to help them grow.

Our team has already supported various projects within the blockchain ecosystem, including Project Bounties that promote EOS developers; BitFury Projects to facilitate financial services for miners; and Matrix AI Network (MAN) as a premier artificial intelligence research platform.

Venom Ventures is steadfast in their mission to combine "old money" and "new." They are devoted to investing in startups and scaleups that have a powerful vision, this allows them the opportunity to discover the most revolutionary Web3 products. By having such an impactful strategy, they can actively support those innovative projects that will shape our future.

Venom Ventures is determined to shape Abu Dhabi's future as a hub for finance and spearhead the Web 3.0, blockchain, and cryptocurrency revolutions. We strive to make Abu Dhabi one of the most influential financial centers in the world!

With its lengthy track record of Web 3 knowledge extending back three years, the Venom Ventures Fund is confident that its accelerator program can provide projects with everything needed to prosper in the blockchain industry.



An editor at Coincrop
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