July 2022 guide to BTSE exchange

July 2022 guide to BTSE exchange

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01 Jul 2022 | 21 min read


n recent times, the crypto asset derivatives industry has grown significantly, and traders are constantly on the lookout for new and better crypto exchange platforms. BTSE (BTSE.com) is a regulated crypto trading platform serving personal and organizational cryptocurrency users.

But is BTSE suitable for you? To learn more, check our #BTSE article. Here we discuss the exchange platform, its origins, services, and how you can use it for your benefit.

What is BTSE?

BTSE is a crypto trading platform that was launched in 2018. The BTSE's revolutionary trading model makes it a mix of a traditional crypto exchange platform that provides futures and spot markets as well as a sustainable fiat to crypto asset converting platform.

BTSE was created to serve as a bridge between the conventional fiat trading and #cryptocurrency economy. It has various fiat on/off gateways and a large selection of cryptocurrency futures contracts, including many indicators. BTSE evaluates the market frequently to meet customer requirements.

BTSE provides cutting-edge security technologies and a diverse variety of crypto assets and derivative services. It supports a variety of currencies and benchmarks, and the platform's objective is to utilize the current Blockchain network to increase economic independence throughout the globe while also making cryptocurrency trading products more accessible and efficient.

The BTSE is intended to serve as a bridge between cryptocurrency and conventional economies. Users may benefit from the platform's extremely efficient and rapid trading operations by taking advantage of its distinctive features and its forum always brings new features to the equation, setting them apart from its competition.

What is the history of BTSE?

The exchange platform BTSE became active in September 2018, and Jonathan Leong, one of several co-founders, became appointed CEO. Brian Wong, Joshua Soh, and Yew Chong Quak comprise their core group. This management team has extensive experience in financial innovation and our experienced with working on high-speed trading systems. The founding group agreed on the firm's mission and activities, and they have built a well-equipped system that can supply cryptocurrency investors across the globe with a one-stop destination.

BTSE is among the exchange platforms that routinely evaluate the markets, and it was the first to launch Monero (XMR) futures. The transaction volume on BTSE's spot trading system is often more than $10 million daily, with most of this credit to its BTC/USD combination. Some BTC/USD trading sites, such as Kraken and Bitfinex, generate nearer to $100 million in 24-hour activity. Considering this, the BTSE maintains a tiny range of 0.01 percent for the time.

Although BTSE's futures market is significantly more renowned, including its Bitcoin perpetual consistently exceeding $50 million in 24-hour traffic, its Ethereum perpetual sees approximately $2 million exchanged daily. Nevertheless, the quantity of several of its lesser major futures contracts is minimal.

Furthermore, the firm has released its ‘BTSE’ token which was available for public purchase from 2020. It is the first trading coin that Liquid supports, an all-trade payment system created on the Bitcoin sidechain. It will give the BTSE access to discreet transactions, inter-exchange payments, and rapid trades.

How do I use BTSE?

It is very straight forward to get going with BTSE, below is a quick rundown of the procedures you should follow when performing your debut transaction on the BTSE platform.

    • To start, you must first open an account on the platform. You must choose a username, enter the email account, and choose a robust security code.

    • Once you have signed up, you will be asked to choose your base currency. That's the currency you want to make a spot transaction, although futures are always exchanged in USD. 

    • You will also receive a verification email with an URL to authenticate the registration. For cryptocurrency inputs, the email must be verified.

    • After your email has been authenticated, you can place a deposit in your account for any digital currencies accepted by the exchange under the 'wallets' part of the website. Your wallet can be utilized to reload your funds with the coin of your choice.

    • It should be noted that you must also undertake identification authentication if you want to trade fiat currency. You can do it by going to the 'Verification' section of your profile settings menu.

    • Decide on the type of profile you want to use, like personal or commercial. You must supply some standard personal data and verified evidence of identification and residence.

    • BTSE aims to evaluate your KYC paperwork in less than an hour, however, sometimes it can take a little longer. After authentication, your fiat transfer will be displayed in the platform's 'wallets' area.

    • You will be able to trade after your funds have been validated. To begin, enter the trading window by selecting either the 'spot' or 'futures' choice.

    • You can now choose the market you want to trade directly below the navigation bar, close to the 'Find Markets' option. After you've chosen the market, you may enter your order details.

Can I earn interest in BTSE?

The BTSE Earn function allows customers to earn an income from their crypto assets without becoming subject to fluctuation. By allowing users to collect returns on existing idle funds, BTSE has broadened its network to include both savers and traders. Both adjustable and fixed-term deposits are supported for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum and prominent Stablecoins with varied return rates. BTSE is planning to launch several new cryptocurrencies services in the coming years.

This flexible choice enables consumers to take their coins whenever they like, whereas fixed-term funds demand coins to be staked for longer agreed periods but offer a greater APY. There's no minimum investment requirement or deposit charges, for Tether, the APY rises to 6.50 percent.

The Fixed account choice requires the user to specify how much time they want their assets to be held. It can vary from seven to ninety days, with yields up to 8% APY. Moreover, people interested in lending their cryptocurrencies into the BTSE borrowing pool on various assets can receive up to 7.50 percent. The site also provides deposit rewards that generate benefits for its customers, users will get $100 per each $1,000 placed, which will be added to their wallets.

Currently, 70% of BTSE users prefer Stablecoins, this is due to better yields and greater security against fluctuation, it contrasts with 30% of user who get a #Bitcoin return. As time passes, the BTSE group will add more features to the platform. BTSE acknowledges the rise of the Defi sector and anticipates a move away from Earning and more towards borrowing and lending.

Earn functions are becoming prevalent features of numerous prominent crypto exchanges, allowing asset owners to gain additional income from their bitcoin assets. Interest rates are often much higher than those provided by conventional financial firms.

Is BTSE secure?

One of several factors for BTSE's remarkable development is its security policies. Although BTSE has only been in operation for 4 years, the exchange has been praised for providing cryptocurrency dealers with institutional-grade security, and BTSE is legally authorized. Because the site is strictly monitored, any exploitation of assets can be held responsible, and unlike other prominent platforms this is what makes it a trustworthy place for traders.

The BTSE group has extensive expertise and training from industry titans. They are well-equipped to ensure the highest levels of security for the firm and its network. The firm also has a solid track record in the cryptocurrency market.

BTSE is a self-hosted platform that does not depend on inadequate third-party protection, which could result in data leaks. Since its inception, the exchange has not been hacked and its security methods adhere to international regulations. Every one of its users' information and assets is safely stored in offline storage wallets. Their offline storage service is accessible by various keys to give an extra degree of security. All information is stored in numerous offshore data centers, and firewalls and SSL encryption techniques secure the networks.

BTSE also utilizes the two-factor verification mechanism, which traders must use when making a withdrawal or changing any API keys. It guarantees that no unauthorized individual can enter user profiles. Customers may also create a list of safelists IPs to prevent fraudulent websites or hackers from abusing their assets. The platform follows strong data protection standards to guarantee that its clients' data is secure and cannot be misused.

BTSE customer support

BTSE offers skilled customer service agents that respond quickly and efficiently and for direct consumer connection, the exchange relies on an integrated ticket system. BTSE also has a significant social media presence, such as Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter, where consumers can express their questions and understand product changes and corporate news. For extra assistance, their staff can be contacted by email or phone.

BTSE features a comprehensive and instructional support desk that assists people in resolving any difficulties that may arise. Their technical support contains a chatbot that helps customers navigate the website and search for solutions to their queries. Their support section includes in-depth information on the website and its services, plus they have easy how-to guides for consumers to follow.

Furthermore, the site has built a second portal named the BTSE Academy, which contains lots of new cryptocurrency-related information. It features articles and blogs produced specifically for cryptocurrency investors to assist them in developing their trading abilities and staying up to speed on industry developments and trends.

The BTSE blog features technical studies from BTSE investors with knowledge of the crypto asset trade. It is implemented to advantage less-skilled beginner traders who wish to know about the cryptocurrency sector's complexities and technical analysis is carried out regularly and is considered a starting point for newcomers.

Referral and affiliate programs

When your referrer confirms your invitation and then begins trading, you will receive a 20% referral reward on their transaction cost any time they trade. When you have stored a BTSE coin, your bonus amount may well be enhanced by up to 40%. Each occasion one of your referrals earns money through the affiliate program, BTSE will give you an additional 10% of that value as a reward. There are no threshold restrictions on referral income. You can receive an infinite amount of money. Hence the more referrals customers you bring to BTSE, the more money you earn from this affiliate link. 

After accepting your referral, a further benefit is that your referrals will receive a 30-day 20% trading charge reduction and you may receive a trading charge reduction of up to 60%. Your recommendation privileges are effective in eternity. You will continue to profit if your referral keeps trading on the BTSE. However, your contact must join up using your affiliate links to be considered valid referral and you referral income is provided daily.


Up to this point, BTSE has met client expectations and there have been no problems with deposits or withdrawals, both of which were fast with little to no additional delays, and the trading system was also efficient.

In the cryptocurrency industry, BTSE is receiving a great deal of traction, it appears to be all good news and as it grows and develops, their portfolio expands with new services, such as introducing their ‘BTSE coin’ they are swiftly becoming one of the cryptocurrency sector's top platforms.


BTSE is among the most reliable cryptocurrency platform in the world. The advanced high frequency trading system, expanding network, and self-hosted data centers of BTSE provide a faster and more effective cryptocurrency trading network. You can purchase your cryptocurrency  securely on BTSE, at the most acceptable cryptocurrency price, and offers a quicker wallet funding utilizing bank card top-ups.

Their official website can find charge computations for the BTSE platform's future and spot trading markets. They maintain fees that are often affordable. They provide up to 20% savings if you utilize their native BTSE coin. Your monthly trading activity determines charges on the BTSE platform. They are also variable for makers and takers, ranging from 0.01 percent for producers with less than 10 BTC traded each month to 0.1 percent for takers.

BTSE coin was released in May 2020, intended to provide an exchange usage coin that has been carefully crafted to customer experience on the platform that is within the BTSE network. It now has a market capitalization of around $20 million. It has more than 4 million coins in circulation and a total amount of 200 million coins.



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