Tamadoge $100,000 Give Away

Tamadoge $100,000 Give Away

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An editor at Coincrop

23 Nov 2022 | 3 min read


p to $100,000 in cryptocurrency could be yours- Tamadoge is giving away a digital treasure trove to one lucky winner from its community of players. The announcement was made recently on Twitter.

To qualify, users must own $100 worth of TAMA on the day of the prize draw. They can do this by purchasing an equivalent amount of TAMA tokens from the Tamadoge website.

TAMA is a cryptocurrency that allows you to participate in the Tamadoge blockchain game. The game has many NFTs and play-to-earn features, which makes it popular game.

At the heart of Tamaverse is the idea of collecting, breeding, and battling digital pets. Players must take care of their virtual Tamadoge pet to keep them happy and healthy. There are many games available that use the pet as a character in order to progress through levels and earn Dogepoints.

The players who have the most Dogepoints at the end of each month will be rewarded with free TAMA tokens.

To be eligible for the $100,000 prize, Tamadoge players must complete nine basic activities;

Next, enter the Tamadoge crypto wallet address 

Follow the Tamadoge Twitter account, tweet and retweet about Tamadoge, and tag Elon Musk.

Join the Tamadoge Discord community

Join the Tamadoge Telegram community, 

Share the Tamadoge news with friends and family 

Follow Tamadoge on Instagram

And follow Tamadoge on YouTube

One lucky winner will receive the prize money after awareness is raised for the Tamadoge project and they have completed all of the required tasks.



An editor at Coincrop
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