Refer a friend, earn money

Refer a friend, earn money

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An editor at Coincrop

12 Dec 2021 | 12 min read


ave you thought about sharing the possibilities of crypto riches amongst your friends and family? We look a the rewards that can be earned from referring those you know to various cryptocurrency services:

In this guide:

Disclaimer: All of the information written on Coin Crop is without influence and based on our analysis. No guarantee is offered concerning the accuracy of this information and therefore, any individual following up on it does as such completely at their own risk. Rates are correct at time of publication.

Abra referrals

Abra pays interest on over 28 cryptocurrencies with a refferal program for new users.  It works as follows:

    • Earn 50% of earn direct web transaction by the user

    • An additional 25% of revenue for future app transactions for 3 months

Click here to sign-up to Abra and start earning.

Binance refer friends

Founded in 2017, Binance has grown to become one of the largest exchanges in the world.  The program operates as follows:

    • Earn commission on fees for the life of the user on spot (margin) and futures

    • Earnings are based on the daily average BNB account balance

    • Earn up to 40% of fees

Click here to sign-up to Binance and start earning. Exchange Affiliate Program has been operated since 2011 with over $1 trillion in crypto transactions.  Their affiliate program is aimed at individuals that operate large communities or media properties.   The terms are:

    • 25% of fees on your referee’s total trading volume — if less than $100K within 30 days      

    • 50% of fees on your referee’s total trading volume — if greater than $100K within 30 days

    • Commission paid on audience trades on the exchange

    • Payouts subject to a minimum of $100

    • Earnings limited to the one six months of the newly created account

Click here to sign-up to and start earning.

BlockFi refer a friend

BlockFi is one of the most well known centralised finance (CeFi) companies and offers an incentive scheme for referring people.

    • For every person that registers using your code and adds $100 in funds, you and the referral will earn $10 in BTC.

    • After you have referred five people, you start earning a $20 BTC bonus for additional referrals.  Friends will continue to earn $10 BTC.

    • If the referrer is a BlockFi Rewards Credit Card holder, both the referrer and the referee will get an additional $30 in BTC on top of the base Refer-a-Friend program rewards.

    • The scheme cannot be used to refer people from Google Ads, Facebook Ads, banner ads or other paid channels

Click here to sign-up to BlockFi and start earning.

Celsius ambassadors

Celsius is the largest centralised finance (CeFi) savings company in the crypto world.  As a Celsius ambassador, it pays the following:

    • $50 for both the referrer and referred individuals

    • $400 must be transferred and held for at least 30 days

Click here to sign-up to Celsius and start earning.

Coinbase referral program

Coinbase has become well known as the most customer friendly means of buying and selling cryptocurrencies. The Coinbase referral program operates as follows:

    • Receive 10 USD for each individual you refer     

    • The friend must buy or sell $100 or more of assets

    • The trade action must occur within 180 days of the account being opened

Click here to sign-up to Coinbase and start earning.

CoinLoan affiliate program

CoinLoan helps you borrow, swap and grow your digital assets.  The affiliate program offers:

    • 0.2% of every exchange amount

    • 0.2% of every loan amount

    • 0.1% monthly of every interest account deposit

Click here to sign-up to CoinLoan and start earning.

CoinRabbit affiliate program

CoinRabbit is a non-KYC anonymous crypto lending platform.  Their affiliate program offers:

    • 0.2% of all loans taken

    • Monthly profits paid out in stablecoins    

Click here to sign-up to CoinRabbit and start earning. referrals describes itself as the faster growing crypto app with over 10 million users buying and selling crypto currencies.  The company offers a referrals program with the following:

    • Earn rewards for each referred new user

    • Rewards are credited in CRO (the utility token)

    • The amount awarded is based on the users CRO staking during their first year

    • A user staking 1,000 CRO would result in $10 of referral commission

    • A user staking 50,000 CRO would result in $200 of referral commission

    • A user staking 5,000,000 CRO would result in $2,000 of referral commission

Click here to sign-up to and start earning.

Gemini refer-a-friend

Gemini is a platform for buying, selling and earning against your cryptocurrencies.  Their refer-a-friend program pays $10 for individuals referred who add $100 or more within 30 days of creating the account.

Click here to sign-up to Gemini and start earning.

Guarda referral program

Guarda offers a secure crypto wallest for staking, exchanging, earning and buying cryptocurrencies.  The company offers a referral program with rewards paid in GRD tokens.  Successfully referred users are paid 0.5% of the exchange amount.

Click here to sign-up to Guarda and start earning.

Hodlnaut refer friends

Hodlnaut offers paid rewards on your cryptocurrencies.  Their refer a friend program pays a 10% commission from your friends’ interest.  Each friend referred will receive a $20 sign-up bonus if they deposit a minimum of $1,000 in a single transaction within the first week.

There is no cap to the number of referrals.

Click here to sign-up to Hodlnaut and start earning.

Liquid referrals

Liquid is describing as the world’s most comprehensive and secure trading platform.  You can invite your friends and earn 30% of your friend’s fees whilst they get a 10% discount of their own.

Click here to sign-up to Liquid and start earning.

Nexo invite friends

Nexo allows you to earn interest and borrow against your cryptocurrency assets.  For every friend who joins and adds $100 or more in assets, you both receive $10 in Bitcoin.

OKEx invite a friend

OKEx offers a fully customizable Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange for traders at every level.  The referral program works as follows:

    • $15 USDT in fee rebates when passing the photo verification and completing a buy/deposit task

    • After referring 5 individuals, you become an affiliate earning 30% of their trading fees

Click here to sign-up to OKEx and start earning.

Voyager refer-a-friend

Voyager is a public company paying up to 12% in interest on your cryptocurrency assets.  They offer a refer-a-friend program paying you both $25 of Bitcoin for each referral.  New users must trade a minimum of $100.

Click here to sign-up to Voyager and start earning.

YouHodler refer-a-friend

YouHodler offers loans, interest products and exchange services. Their refer-a-friend program offers a choice of two rewards for new user referrals:

    • An additional 0.5% interest on a coin of your choice for 3 months

    • A permanent extended maximum limit on your savings account ($10,000 for each friend, limited to 5)

New users must deposit at least $1,000.

Click here to sign-up to YouHodler and start earning.

Ziglu refer-a-friend

Ziglu is a UK based app based service for buying, selling and earning crypto rewards.  For each friend you refer, you both earn £5.

Click here to sign-up to Ziglu and start earning.



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