Reviewing AQRU products and services

Reviewing AQRU products and services

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An editor at Coincrop

27 Jun 2022 | 22 min read


here are several cryptocurrency choices in the market to purchase and sell or hold it and earn for you, generating substantial returns from the hype of all those new firms. In this post, we will attempt to shed light on another new developing firm, AQRU.

Even though it only officially launched in late 2021, its ambition to revolutionize the cryptocurrency industry has already gained widespread attention. Now, what exactly is AQRU, how does it function, and how would it help you? Let us go further. 

What is AQRU?

AQRU was designed to be among the most user-friendly investment programs for stable and cryptocurrencies. The platform's group of financial and technical specialists claim that its mission is to give investors an efficient process to buy, invest and earn interest from their assets. With this platform and accompanying App, they've removed useless economic words out of sight, enabling you to examine your assets and earnings quickly.

AQRU is not the first platform to provide interest and incomes on crypto assets, but it is among the most straightforward and adaptable. Investors can fund their accounts using a bank card, fiat currency, or a cryptocurrency wallet. When customers deposit funds, they may choose how to utilize them. The website supports a variety of coins for staking. It shows the present rate of return for every cryptocurrency, allowing investors to select how to deploy their investments to optimize profits while minimizing risks.

AQRU's mission is to give users a simple solution to maintain and benefit from their cryptocurrency assets. AQRU is also a user-friendly platform that tracks profits in real-time, Stablecoins and some cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, are presently accessible for investment. Generally, keeping such assets will generate interest rates of 7% to 12%. The AQRU website has no commissions or recurring charges. The only thing to be concerned about is the $20 (£14.95) withdrawal charge when using cryptocurrency.

What is the history of AQRU?

In 2021, a skilled group of investing, financial, and technological specialists established AQRU. It was formed in response to the challenge that so many individuals have in generating profits from their cryptocurrencies. 

The cryptocurrency industry was formed to ensure the finance sector is accessible to everybody, but it has fast grown convoluted, loaded with terminology, and is inaccessible to average investors. AQRU is here to fix these problems. They have designed a straightforward website that allows you to convert money into crypto assets and start earning significant incomes on your selected cryptocurrencies.

Accru Finance Ltd is a financial solutions firm that owns AQRU. It is based in London.  While it may not be immediately relevant to traders, it does provide the website with significant legitimacy. In addition, AQRU features a $30 million reserve amount and works alongside Fireblocks, the primary cryptocurrency wallet cybersecurity provider, to secure users' funds. Phillip Blows, AQRU's chief executive officer and founder, has over two-decade of experience with the financial sector. He also wrote The Money Triangle, which describes achieving financial independence.

How do I use AQRU?

Investors of AQRU do not have to be cryptocurrency specialists to begin trading, traders don't even have to hold any cryptocurrency. Most of all, AQRU customers may withdraw their money anytime they choose, unlike some other cryptocurrency interest platforms, and AQRU does not require people to lockup their coins for a particular time.

Once you've joined up, you'll will receive a $10 deposit to trial run the program. However, to get going, AQRU needs documentation proving your identity, KYC (Know your customer). It comprises identity information, such as an Identity card or a passport, and evidence of residency. You may begin investing funds after your profile has been authorized, which usually takes within 24 hours. Investing is quick and easy.  You can send funds using your savings account or a bank card. This process may be immediate or take more time based on your individual bank.

After the cash or cryptocurrency asset has been deposited in your AQRU wallet, you can choose an investing option. You can accumulate your fiat cash in dollars or one of the digital currencies AQRU now offers. Although the dollar serves primarily for the 12 percent interest, cryptocurrencies often apply both: 7 percent holding and market capitalization while growing.

And that's all, now you can take a seat and let it do its thing. For curiosity, check out the investment and see the value increase by the minute. In this area, AQRU has done an outstanding job in terms of usability and artistic impact. Whenever it concerns withdrawal, the procedure is the total opposite. You can withdraw funds from any current operations at any moment of the day. After then, it remains in your uninvested portfolio. You can now remove this amount from your AQRU savings account.

How can I earn interest in AQRU?

If you enjoy the idea of generating passive income on your inactive digital currency but don't know where to begin, follow these steps:

    • First, you must register online with AQRU to receive income on Bitcoins and other compatible cryptocurrencies. To do so, hit the "Sign Up" option and provide the email account and chosen fiat currency.

    • You must also establish a secure passcode before clicking the 'Create Account' option after reviewing and agreeing on the terms of the agreement.

    • The next step is to verify the newly formed AQRU profile. It is a simple procedure that will need proof of your Govt. approved identification. It might be anything from a passport to a driving license, other identification maybe required

    • AQRU can generally validate your application in a couple of minutes. Once this is completed, you will be notified by email.

    • You must deposit cash into the profile before you can begin collecting interest. In this regard, you got two choices.

    • If you already have some compatible crypto currency, import some crypto currency from your wallet. Your distinct deposit location can be found in your AQRU profile.

    • If you don't have availability to a compatible cryptocurrency right now, you may invest with Euros, Pounds, or Dollars. Payment options accepted include bank cards and regular wire transfers. 

    • Select 'Buy,' then decide which coin you wish to deposit.  Select the amount of cryptocurrency to deposit in the purchase field that displays and select 'Buy Investment.'

    • Your assets will subsequently be transferred to the 'Invested Amounts' area, in which they will start earning a return right away. 

    • If you make a fiat investment, you must choose the crypto asset you want to change the cash into, if you choose a Stablecoin, for instance, you could gain up to 12% yearly interest.

How much can I earn from AQRU?

The following table lists products that pay interest on a flexible terms basis:

Deposit assetsReward assetsAPY Rate

Deposit USD CoinUSD Coin (USDC)

Earn USD CoinUSD Coin (USDC)

1.00% - flexible

Deposit EthereumEthereum (ETH)

Earn EthereumEthereum (ETH)

3.00% - flexible

Deposit BitcoinBitcoin (BTC)

Earn BitcoinBitcoin (BTC)

5.00% - flexible

How can AQRU offer such high yields?

Before selecting an investing platform to collect returns, evaluate how well the company can financially support its obligations, this is a very worthwhile consideration. Afterwards, crypto assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum do not generate interest independently, so you need to make them work for a living.

AQRU, in this case, utilizes your cryptocurrency funds to provide loans to private and commercial customers. Furthermore, AQRU utilizes client deposits to generate stability for decentralized applications. They have a strict risk mitigation mechanism and protect the money they lend to decentralized platforms. The firm analyses the supply and demand for digital currencies to determine cryptocurrency interest rates, these rates change as the evaluate income from month to month.

Interests on crypto assets continue to rise as industry players are ready to pay high returns to borrow assets that are difficult to get through conventional methods. As the cryptocurrency market expands, returns will fall as money grows increasingly available; nevertheless, AQRU believes that chances to produce high returns will arise to adapt.

Is AQRU secure?

Whenever you place an investment, be it in Fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies, there is always a risk. The chance increases when it relates to new companies, since they need to prove their stability, reliability and potentially profits through the finance industry's highs and lows.

AQRU is among the cryptocurrency industry's best supervised, secure, and reliable cryptocurrency platforms. In terms of user investments, once funds are received on the website via the Fireblocks wallet facilities, they will either be forwarded to the participant's supervisory offline storage wallet (cold storage) or loaned to borrowers. AQRU prohibits the usage of online wallets for safety reasons. However, if assets are hacked, they have a $30 million reserve policy.

Furthermore, it adheres to the greatest administrative and safety procedures. And here's how it safeguards its consumers' data and assets:

    • They use excellent encryption to protect personal identifying data and other confidential material while an asset is in storage or transit.

    • It employs Fireblocks to deliver next-generation encryption key safety and hardware separation technologies to its consumers.

    • It employs multi-layer authentication, removing a disadvantage and protecting virtual currency movements against hacks, internal fraud, and individual mistakes.

    • It transfers cryptocurrency using Fireblocks' multi-party processing.

    • Its infrastructural information is encrypted using SSL.

    • DNSSEC is used to secure its domains from several cybersecurity threats.

    • Every one of its customers is required to utilize two-factor verification.

AQRU customer support

AQRU, similar to the most influential cryptocurrency platforms and also provides excellent customer support. The online-based platform offers a live chat option, which can be reached by pressing the link in the lower right part of the home page. People can ask questions regarding any area of the AQRU service and get a quick answer. Reply times are reported to be within 10 minutes.

Moreover, AQRU replies are provided by a dedicated staff rather than bots, ensuring that requests are answered personally. In addition to the online chat option, AQRU includes an extensive FAQs page that solves frequent issues. Lastly, visitors can reach the AQRU staff using the AQRU site's feedback form, with answers sent through email.

Referral and affiliate programs

By providing their unique referral code, individuals may welcome new people to AQRU. Once the referred individual correctly completes the criteria, comprising KYC and an initial financial contribution and also an investment of at least $2000 during the first two months of signup, both referred user and referrer will be paid 100 USDC, respectively.

Furthermore, consumers must hold the basic $2000 for six months. After satisfying the conditions, you'll get a beautiful message with the number of days remaining to collect the referral reward.


As a platform, AQRU is attempting to simplify things and bring the cryptocurrency industry to the attention of average investors. Furthermore, it doesn’t only want to ensure large profits for its users, it also wants to provide them with top-quality services. Although the firm's selection of digital currencies appears relatively limited, there is yet space for expansion. The platform is now accessible in a few territories, but it will spread to more world markets.


AQRU lends funds to both corporate organizations and individual borrowers. However, it is not without danger. You may lose money if the returns are low and the market fluctuates. Of course, your money is also stuck inside for the loan duration.

Bitcoins, Ethereum, and Stablecoins like USD Coin, can be used to deposit or trade. They will introduce more in case of demand. However, they will always focus on the currency's continuously by tracking history and an established value.

The required minimum deposit is $100. There is no withdrawal limits, provided that you can cover the cost of the withdrawal.

Market demand and revenues are used to determine interest rates. Although AQRU strives to maintain interest rates constant, however, they are subject to fluctuation. Return rates may be revised in response to market situations. Nevertheless, AQRU efficiently informs its customers as quickly as a rate revision is decided.

In the case of cryptocurrencies, AQRU will typically inform you of receiving funds 20 minutes after your deposit. It's dependent on your bank and manner of payment when using fiat cash. Sometimes transactions can be completed in under an hour, while some, like international transactions, might require up to 5 working days to complete, depending on where your bank is located.



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