Uphold: Changing the view of money?

Uphold: Changing the view of money?

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An editor at Coincrop

24 May 2022 | 29 min read


phold is a digital money platform with over 1.7 million people around the world and about $6 billion in transactions. It caters to both individuals and corporations. Uphold translates all asset classes into a common digital language that makes it easy to take trades and also provides a way to exchange assets in a smooth and simple way. Uphold is accessible via the web, on iOS, as well as Android apps. Companies can utilize Uphold to pay people all across the globe or to accept cryptocurrency payments and transform them into local currencies instantly.

In this guide:

What is Uphold?

Uphold is a bitcoin exchange or cryptocurrency platform that enables users to purchase, trade, and sell numerous assets. Uphold provides consumers with a portfolio of insurance derivatives on a straightforward and easy-to-use interface, making it suitable for rookie and experienced crypto traders.

Uphold is a one-of-a-kind platform that offers various financial goods and services. Almost 100 cryptocurrencies are available for users to purchase, resell, or exchange.

Uphold is open about its charges. Its pricing model varies significantly from that of several other bitcoin tradings. There are no manufacturer fees, royalties, or registration costs. Instead, Uphold makes money by charging distribution fees, essentially a modest premium over the actual market price. Because of these distribution fees, you may pay a more significant amount than you would otherwise. Therefore, it may be an excellent option for people wishing to invest in various asset types through a specific platform.

Because of its unique financial expertise Uphold stands apart from other blocks. Customers can buy stocks and rare metals in the United States. Because of the platform, it is possible to trade across currencies without converting to cash. You can also use this platform to turn your assets back into cash. Uphold does not stop here; along with the unique trading experience, they also offer you several other services where Uphold customers can use their assets to make payments using a cashback debit card. For instance, a user may pay in fiat currency or crypto.

The Nexo website

Supported cryptocurrencies

Uphold supports over 100 cryptocurrencies. Uphold presently has over 1.7 million customers and a capital balance of around $2.05 billion. 

Some of the well-known available cryptocurrencies on Uphold are listed below:

    • Ethereum (ETH)

    • Ripple (XRP)

    • Chainlink (Link)

    • Bitcoin (BTC)

    • Litecoin (LTC)

    • Stellar Lumens (XLM)

    • Lota (MIOTA)

Learning on Uphold

Uphold provides informative, educational materials regarding cryptocurrency. It includes a "cryptionary," a weblog, and a section dedicated to bitcoin information and the latest headlines.

There is information on the page for every type of cryptocurrencies Uphold offers. The bulls and bears are making arguments in sections on the pages, which suggest the pair's statements for and against that currency.

What is the history of Uphold?

In 2013, Halsey Minor launched Uphold (formerly Bitreserve). Previously Nike CIO Anthony Watson was officially appointed CEO in 2015, and the firm was rebranded. Uphold reduced all fees for authenticated accounts when they transferred money in June 2015. Uphold changed their pricing model in July 2016, eliminating the.05 percent transaction fee. It's free to join. Utilizing debit, credit, or China Union Pay incurs a fee of 3.99 percent. Members who withdraw monies from Uphold by cryptocurrency pay $2.99, and customers who withdraw funds by direct deposit pay $3.99.

In May 2014, Uphold announced a private beta program, which they then offered to the broader population later that year. Uphold's mission is to make it economically and financially accessible. Uphold is responsible for creating and establishing its Public API. 

Uphold has a large assortment of traditional and virtual currency options like digital money, Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum, and a small selection of precious metals.

Over $3.5 billion in transactions can be traced back to Uphold across 179 countries approximately, in 30 supported currencies and four commodities. You can access the broadest range of Currencies and investments simultaneously, thanks to the Uphold platform. Uphold has published real-time reserve holdings.

How much can I earn on Uphold?

Uphold offers a number of staking products. The following table shows rates you can earn for your deposits:

Deposit assetsReward assetsAPY Rate

Deposit TezosTezos (XTZ)

Earn TezosTezos (XTZ)

4.25% - flexible

Deposit SolanaSolana (SOL)

Earn SolanaSolana (SOL)

5.10% - flexible

Deposit TerraTerra (LUNA)

Earn TerraTerra (LUNA)

4.00% - flexible

Deposit KusamaKusama (KSM)

Earn KusamaKusama (KSM)

15.3% - flexible

Deposit Kava.ioKava.io (KAVA)

Earn Kava.ioKava.io (KAVA)

19.5% - flexible

Deposit EthereumEthereum (ETH)

Earn EthereumEthereum (ETH)

4.25% - flexible

Deposit PolkadotPolkadot (DOT)

Earn PolkadotPolkadot (DOT)

10.5% - flexible

Deposit CosmosCosmos (ATOM)

Earn CosmosCosmos (ATOM)

10.2% - flexible

Deposit CardanoCardano (ADA)

Earn CardanoCardano (ADA)

4.00% - flexible

Are my assets safe with Uphold?

KYC certification and two-factor verification are among the encryption techniques offered by Uphold. Most of the users' money is housed in a deep freeze, which is safer than holding funds in hot accounts online. Users can also get essential security advice from this organization, such as spotting and preventing frauds and saving you from fraudsters.

Intigriti, a third-party security company, is one of the companies that Uphold uses for its bug bounty program. Users can report bugs they have encountered while using Uphold. Background checks for Uphold staff members are done in addition to privacy training to promote platform security.

According to the website footer, although the company claims to be situated in San Francisco, it is incorporated in London. Because Uphold is licensed in several states, it is subject to US law instead of UK law and regulations.

The Uphold staff prioritizes their client's finances, data security, and integrity. The company employs advanced encryption processes and multilayer defenses to secure clients' data and money from any cyber-attacks. Uphold also ensures that its products are subjected to frequent security assessments by skilled cyber security experts to identify and close any security flaws.

Trading on Uphold

Customers can make trades on the platform of their choice from either desktop or mobile apps, and Uphold a user-friendly trading experience. The user interface is intuitive for those new to buying and selling. It could be a good option for getting started with either cryptocurrencies or other financial transactions.

Uphold stands out among opponents since it allows trading across asset classes. Uphold's AutoPilot function, which employs dollar-cost aggregating to help reduce some of the instability of the bitcoin market, will enable users to set up recurrent transactions. However, limit orders are the only order type available on this site. Those seeking more complex or unique order types should search further. Additionally, the platform lacks sophisticated graphing and other capabilities that some traders seek.

On the "Crypto" tab, customers can see a list of possible crypto, choose one, and execute a purchase. Crypto can be acquired simply by depositing assets into Uphold through a savings account, direct debit, or ACH transfer without incurring extra expenses. Customers can transfer recognized coins into their Uphold virtual wallet and exchange them for other resources on the platform, such as digital currencies, equities, and rare and precious metals.

Uphold has a lot of different ways to make trades, and customers can either use the mobile app or desktop platform, which they can control from their mobile device. The user interface is straightforward for people unfamiliar with it, which could be an effective option for beginners.

Opening an Uphold account

First, you should supply a genuine email address and password to create an Uphold account. After that, Uphold will send an email with a link to confirm your email address. Uphold will next ask for your entire identity, location, and Security Number. After that, you can trade with fiat or crypto money.

However, until you can utilize Uphold to withdraw money or transfer cash to others, you must first authenticate your identity by uploading a photo of your govt. You have issued a photo ID. To accomplish your identity verification, you will need to supply residential address proof (such as a utility bill) and a live photograph.

You can receive a verification email after submitting your information and reading the terms of service. You can use your account after you have verified your email address.

Why should you use Uphold?

Investing in Cryptocurrencies can be daunting and represents an incredible set of technologies. Buying and selling can take a long while, and with the concern for your funds, it can be hard to keep them safe. Staying right with money and being diversified in Cryptocurrencies can be a challenge. A digital wallet with multiple real-world currencies also a secure, user-friendly digital pocketbook is what Uphold is known for.

There was only one way to use the bitcoin at the time when it was launched back in 2009. You had to install an external software that you could connect to others in the network, download and interact with a distributed database of transactions, and use a command-line or proxy web-based tool to provide information to your wallet and send coins. The "qt" wallet remains the basis for many cryptant clients after creating a rudimentary graphical interface. Nowadays, comparatively few people use it in this way. 

Running a full Node is not feasible because of the increased storage and bandwidth demands. It can't be done for everyone, and Purists might try to push the old-school approach. One must guarantee that the pc operating the network is highly secure. Thus, it is not suited for a tablet and laptops that you carry around, and you cannot execute business while on the go.

In the beginning, applications can only manage a single currency at a time, so there will be a need to install multiple apps if you wish to organize various currencies. Additionally, shifting funds among cryptocurrencies requires many steps: transferring money to an exchange agency, executing the deal, and withdrawing funds to a new account, all while waiting for approvals. You'll also need to keep a safe copy of your secret information because if your mobile or laptop is lost or destroyed, you'll lose all of your coins. All of this has a technological component, and you can't make a mistake.

    • Multiple currencies are supported using numerous and different coins, which will lead to overwhelming, where you need overheads to keep up with hardware, resources, and know-how. Uphold accepts a plethora of cash and cryptocurrency payments. It's not only probably best to keep them, but it's also viable to swap among them practically smoothly by moving money from one currency to another using a 'Card.'

    • Management of portfolio - Uphold is what makes it an ideal platform for portfolio management. It is very safe to hold digital money. It's easy to move money from one currency to another, making it perfect when you want to get out of the market and not withdraw funds completely. Shifting funds between cryptocurrencies is also simple, which is excellent if you're going to avoid cryptos' renowned instability by sitting out the industry for a period without totally draining your capital. (When it comes to moving money in and out of your wallet, intimate banking connectivity makes it even easier.) It's simple to put together a diverse bitcoins and fiat currency portfolio.

    • Payments - Eventually, this isn't only a safe space for digital or physical currency. It's an excellent strategy to save revenue for purchases. You can transfer cash to anybody on the platform instantaneously and accessible in any money. You can make a transaction for the needed amount if you need to pay somebody in crypto who is not on Uphold.

How does Uphold work?

Uphold is a broker that encourages you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, precious metals, and U.S. securities. Uphold is unique because of cross-asset trading. If you chose to trade between assets, you could buy a stock on top of precious metal for a different foreign currency.

It is also planning to launch cryptocurrency-backed debit card payments. Uphold provides no costs on all transactions and lets you send money to almost anyone with a bank account. Its innovative financial network translations, which may be applied to all asset classes and documented in a single digital language, provide a simple trading experience. As a result, they eliminate the majority of the red tape and work involved in purchasing or selling any asset class, including fiat and cryptocurrencies, and precious metals.

Its financial technology network adaptations, which can apply to all types of investments and are documented in one virtual language, make trading simple and transparent. As a result, they remove most of the documentation and work generally associated with purchasing or trading any asset class, including fiat and cryptocurrencies and rare or even precious metals.

Rather than the standard reserve banking model employed by financial institutions, the organization has a functional model that uses a 100 percent deposit. This implies that all of your investments and currencies are entirely secure. This lowers the likelihood of your assets being lost at any time. This design is live-updated on the company's visibility page. They capture all transactions instantly, irreducibly, and secretly on their backup record to protect your investments.

The Nexo website

How is customer support provided?

Customer service: Uphold is limited in what it provides, with email and customer service help on its website and its popular social media pages. Users cannot contact Uphold's customer service via phone or live chat spite having an extensive FAQ and support center on its website. Users who need assistance can post a service application form and await a reaction from the customer service and support team through email. 

Uphold also features a blog. However, it is lacking in data and instructional resources. However, the website provides its Cryptionary, a resource for newbies that describes cryptocurrency concepts and terminology.

Uphold's help is industry standard, even though many exchanges now provide live chat and email help.

Whenever you believe you may have dialed a fake customer service number or that your profile has been hacked, you must:

    • Choose "Security – False or misleading Phone Number (Phishing Attempt)" from the drop-down menu. "What can we help you with today?" 

    • One's password must be changed.

    • Security app settings should be updated.

These are the few steps that you should take to update your authentication app:

    • Go to your account with Uphold. 

    • When you sign up for 2FA, you'll be put on a waiting list to set up your method. Under "Security," you can enable two-factor login from your account settings. 

    • For the setup process to begin, it's necessary for you to input your 7-digit Authenticated verification code. 

    • The app that you prefer to use will be located on the authentication component of the app.

    • For establishing a new login id in your authentication app, QR code scanning is necessary, or insert the key given in the Uphold online or mobile app.

    • Back to the Uphold online or mobile app after adding your Uphold account, input the 6-digit number with your new identity verification app, and click 'next' to confirm.

Are there any referral or affiliate programs?

Uphold is a financial services platform with a digital money platform. Uphold has an 'Anything-to-anything' trading experience that allows customers to trade between asset classes, creating a future where anyone can access financial services. Uphold promises a world in which individuals and corporations all around the globe have access to reliable, visible, equitable, and inexpensive financial services formed based on patented technologies and e-money applications. 

 Uphold has an affiliate program, and it has several benefits and features too:

    • 40% of the commission

    • Financial, legal, and insurance services are available.

    • Cookie Window: 30 day(s)

    • EPC is $0.34

    • Hold period: 60 day(s)

    • Banners: Yes

    • Uphold coupon: Yes

    • Services areas: United States

    • Deeplinking: Yes

    • Policy: Pay-Per-Click policy is closed. Uphold cannot grant pay-per-click. This includes bidding on terms and phrases. You are not authorized to use the URL in any paid search activity on the website of Uphold.

Uphold FAQs

Your official identity, birth date, and contact information are collected whenever you link up. That allows us to keep our network secure and defend you from scams. Payments are not withdrawn or transferred until you provide identification. However, if you choose, you can start sooner.


You must give the following information to become a verified user:


    1. Existing address

    2. Acceptable official picture identification

    3. Passport, driver's license, and official identification

    4. A 'live selfie' is a photo

If you believe that your account is compromised or hacked, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can investigate the situation thoroughly.

Definitely! Businesses and developers can use open APIs as a platform for innovation.

Nothing. It's entirely free for you to apply to and participate in our program. We don't impose any sales quota or an application fee.

We send funds via wire transfer, and we do so through a third party(PayPal). We may pay you with Payoneer or e-wallet if you want us to do that. You owe taxes associated with commission fees.



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