Your May 2022 guide to CoinFLEX products

Your May 2022 guide to CoinFLEX products

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An editor at Coincrop

30 May 2022 | 22 min read


oinFLEX (Coin Futures and Lending Exchange) aims is to let investors manage their digital exposure while avoiding index or pricing settlement danger. CoinFLEX is the trading name of Liquidity Technologies Ltd, a company registered in the Republic of Seychelles, with headquarters in Hong Kong. The exchange has been in operation since early 2019, and its CEO, Mark Lamb, has long advocated for Cryptocurrencies, jointly with Co-founder Sudhu Arumugam, the exchange's Chief Risk Officer.

In this guide:


What is CoinFLEX?

Mark and Sudhu co-founded CoinFLEX, a cryptocurrency exchange spun out from Coinfloor. CoinFLEX is a Seychelles-based company, with headquarters in Hong Kong, a global workforce and customer base. The exchange provides futures such as, spot trading, futures, Spread and repo markets. The platform is well recognized as the first exchange to offer #crypto spreads and repo, allowing users to collect yield and perpetual traders to take delivery.

CoinFLEX provides institutional and individual traders' services, #CoinFLEX aims to provide its clients with the greatest trading experience, CoinFLEX employs experienced professionals who work to ensure the smooth operation of the whole system.

The Coinflex website

What is the history of CoinFLEX?

Launched in early 2019, CoinFLEX is cryptocurrency exchange registered in Seychelles. CoinFLEX intends to strengthen people's faith in futures trading and to make the process less complicated and unpleasant, to enable any customer to make trades. It also caters to individual traders and the commercial hedging market, which includes OTC trading desks, and global proprietary trading firms. 

Even without the multitude of special incentives, CoinFLEX boasts some of the lower trading costs in the marketplace. FlexUSD, the only stablecoin that pays interest on-chain, is built on CoinFLEX's system. On the BCH and ETH blockchains, flexUSD pays interest every 8 hours, with a value of 5-20% APR.

What is the background of CoinFLEX?

CoinFLEX was developed with the goal to bring clarity and make it easier for hedge cryptocurrency and investors to trade and hedge cryptocurrency with minimal index or price settlement risk.

CoinFLEX aspires to help people worldwide achieve financial freedom, transparency, and accessibility.

Today's big crypto exchanges are too overpriced, and their offerings are inadequate for serious traders, business crypto users, borrowers, and lenders. The CoinFLEX team recognizes that derivatives can enhance this area immense with global-reach potential for the planet and hopefully improve society.

The CoinFLEX target market 

CoinFLEX aspires to become the most engaging and accessible cryptocurrency exchange for individual traders. CoinFLEX intends to bring a risk management culture and competent trading strategies to its community via user education, expanded order types, and periodic tournaments. The agreement between CoinFLEX and Trading Technologies brings a futures trading pioneer into the cryptocurrency sector.

CoinFLEX offers a powerful pairing engine and a physical settlement for institutions. Its API performance is best-in-class, allowing for fast throughput and short latencies. CoinFLEX will release a loan product in the future to increase its suite of offerings.

CoinFLEX fees and commissions 

All cryptocurrency exchange platforms charge commission and fees for trading activity within the market. Although these commissions differ from one exchange platform to the next, many investors prefer to join exchanges with competitive charges and costs.

Each time an investor submits an order on the CoinFLEX exchange platform, and a trading fee is collected. The trading charge is usually a proportion of the price of the order that is executed. Most exchange platforms divide trading costs into two categories: makers and takers. Makers are those who add orders to the order book, enhancing the exchange's liquidity, while takers are those who accept an order from the order book.

Upon that spot market, CoinFLEX charges a makers cost of 0.05 percent, which is a 50% discount on trading expenses compared to the taker's fee. Every trade made in contracts is subject to a 0.06 per cent takers fee and a -0.02 per cent maker’s fee. When clients choose to hold FLEX-tokens, the exchange's digital coin, these fees are significantly reduced.

Deposit and withdrawal with CoinFLEX

Investors must make an initial financial investment to begin trading in the cryptocurrency market, trading cannot begin without this. And, just as exchange platforms prioritize fund deposits, investors are concerned about withdrawals since they want to know that they will be able to receive their accumulated gains quickly but without unreasonable delay.

Consequently, crypto exchange platforms are required to provide a variety of easy-to-use withdrawal and deposit methods. In general, exchange platforms provide their customers with various payment alternatives, but the CoinFLEX exchange platform only provides one: cryptocurrency deposit and withdrawal.

To trade with CoinFLEX, prospective investors must first have cryptocurrencies on hand to make the appropriate deposits. Investors must first purchase cryptocurrencies utilizing fiat currency on another exchange platform and then transfer them to their CoinFLEX trading account.

What sets CoinFLEX apart from the competition?

    • The basic products of CoinFLEX are different from other competitors. 

    • Significant trader-centric functionality includes flexible multi-asset collateral management, sub-account capability, and more.

    • Markets have a continual spread, allowing for quick basis trading having up to 250x leverage.

    • FLEX Earn is a solution that uses the CoinFLEX repo market to let you profit actively on your crypto assets through a simple and user-friendly platform.

    • Fees and charges for trades are completive.

How is customer support provided?

To begin, the platform has a comprehensive FAQ area. It answers all your inquiries and provides additional information about trading, services, user interface, technicalities, etc. It also contains integrated ticket system and email assistance.

Customer service is a basic feature that many exchange platforms lack. CoinFLEX, on the other hand, has made it a priority to give excellent and acceptable customer service to its clients, allowing them to seek assistance anytime they need it. CoinFLEX offers email and live chat help to customers 24/7. 

Moreover, CoinFLEX provides two alternative customer assistance options: email and an internal help system. Apart from that, the exchange platform provides immediate basic help via its Telegram community, which can be accessed via LinkedIn or Twitter.

Referral and affiliate programs

CoinFLEX offers a referral program where you can earn at least 40% commissions on CoinFLEX's trading fees collected from your referrals' futures and spot trading. The 40% is very generous compared to industry standards.

There is an affiliate program where users can also earn up to 40% commissions on CoinFLEX trading fees produced by referrals through the” CoinFLEX Affiliate Program” it is free participate in.

Eligible Affiliates can recommend/refer the CoinFLEX trading platform to their followers and profit by getting a percentage of the fees paid to CoinFLEX by those followers how use the service.

After registration, followers will get a rebate on completed transaction expenses for the first duration of time.

Occasionally they have varying Commission and Rebate rates on different goods and services; these would be clearly stated on the website's Referral for CoinFLEX page.

Are my assets safe?

The CoinFLEX exchange platform prioritizes security above all else. They keep 99 per cent of the cryptocurrencies they receive in cold storage, while the remaining coins required for daily exchanges are kept safe in hot wallets. The integrity of these wallets cannot be put at risk by device failure, vault location, or an individual.

Platform users can also rest assured that even unplanned updates will not result in the loss of their funds.

How much can I earn?

It's a comprehensive portal with great passive revenue opportunities, it features utility tokens and additional benefits for a more secure trading experience. The trading functionality provides users with access to a wide selection of market options, with the “Campus” facility CoinFLEX guide you towards financial freedom.

CoinFLEX is a futures exchange that utilizes AMM+, an Automated Market Maker, to produce passive revenue for its customers. As part of this airdrop, you could really earn $5 in FLEX by performing some simple social tasks. Likewise, for a chance of winning $10,000 and NFTs, enter the AMM yield earning competition dubbed AMM+ Arena.

The CoinFLEX provides the crypto traders and the users with the expected passive income and can earn profits up to $6000 and CoinFLEX allows you to trade with the convenience. Many indicators, charts, and analytic allow you to assess the market and make timely decisions.

The Coinflex website

Can I borrow from CoinFLEX?

CoinFLEX has created a platform for the Borrow/Lend market, the spot market, and the derivatives markets to interact and trade directly with one another. We believe that this product will have far-reaching implications for any trader, the borrower of USD or Crypto, or passive lender seeking to receive a yield on assets.

CoinFLEX is the first exchange to establish a Repo (repurchasing) sector, a short-term borrow and loan market. Any bitcoin deal can be leveraged up to 250x. In its most basic form, leverage trading allows a user to borrow money in exchange for purchasing a financial item.

How do I use CoinFLEX?

Firstly, go to and click on the Register option next to Log In by clicking on the top right corner of the screen. The credentials are your regular email and password. You should try to construct a password that is both strong and unique to this account; a mix of uppercase and lowercase consonants, and non-sequential numerals and symbols, is strongly recommended.

CoinFLEX will accept your deposits once you feel prepared to trade cryptocurrency futures contract, this is really for seasoned traders, so please be careful. The CoinFLEX trading platform enables you to trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, these are traded in the same way as commodities are, with traders receiving the physical delivery of their contracts. CoinFLEX can deliver underlying value, unlike the other trading platforms that offer money value resolutions of futures contracts.

Digital Currency futures have physical delivery. In other words, traders are not concerned with the formulas that determine the cash value of their instruments. Also, investors are not exposed to manipulation, which is uncomfortable on other exchange platforms. 

Fees on CoinFLEX are apparent: maximum fees of 0.03 per cent per contract transaction, with fees as low as 0 per cent on the market side and 0.01 percent on the taker side. For Bitcoin or Tether, the leverage might be as high as 20X.

CoinFLEX has identified several jurisdictional limits to be aware of as of December 2019. Trading is forbidden for US citizens and residents, as well as citizens and residents of the following countries:

– Afghanistan

– Cuba

– Iran

– North Korea

– Sudan

– Syria

While the trading interface has a lot of different functions and widgets, taking leverage and opening/closing a position is quite simple. To utilize CoinFLEX execution, follow these three basic steps.

Check your balance and leverage

First, go to the Order Ticket widget (top-right) and figure your balance. Then, by pulling the slider control to the right, pick the correct asset and how much leverage you seek to take.

To verify and take out the loan, press the "button” the principle plus the borrowed amount will appear in your balance.

1. Create and manage a position

Place a market or limit order by entering the price and amount you would like to trade into the “Order Ticket” widget. You can maintain your position using the tools given on this site once the order has been completed.

2. Close a position and pay back the loan.

Trade in the other direction to close your position. To pay the debt, drag the slider handle back to zero and select the green button after trying to close the position.


Currently, support BAL, BAND, BCH, BTC, COMP, CRV, ETH, FLEX, LINK, SNX, SUSHI, UNI, USD, USDT, YFI, YFL, flexBTC, flexETH and flexUSD. The 'Deposit' dropdown will show the entire list.

No, FLEX Coin will be given to users that trade futures on CoinFLEX by trade-driven mining. We are not offering any FLEX Coin, and anybody who claims to be offering a "pre-sale" is misleading you.

From outside CoinFLEX, many cryptocurrency investors use other exchanges, wallets, and platforms. You might also trade on Coinbase or make money via BlockFi. The issue with CoinFLEX reporting is that it is limited to the CoinFLEX platform. CoinFLEX cannot give full profits, losses, or income tax information if you utilize other cryptocurrency wallets, exchanges, DeFi methods, or other platforms.

CoinFLEX is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and can also be accessed with a web browser. Users could either acquire the link from the CoinFLEX website or download the apps directly from the Apple and Play stores.

Users can deposit and withdraw funds from CoinFLEX's in-exchange wallet, which supports a variety of cryptocurrencies. It also keeps its funds in FireBlocks-backed hardware wallets. Users can't access the wallet, but they may be certain that their funds are safe on the exchange.



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